Wedding blunders

Wedding Blunders

When planning your big day, it’s best to think of all the really great and wonderful things that you hope will happen. Perfect flowers, great weather, delicious food and great times with family and friends are what most soon-to-be-married couples envision for their perfect day. In some cases, the happy couple can recognize family drama and potential issues long before they have a chance to see the biggest wedding blunders headed their way. That isn’t always the case though, and sometimes they’re caught off guard. On occasion, when you’re knee-deep in stressful wedding planning, it can be fun to hear about how it couldgo wrong, and how it did for someone else. Check out these stories about these wedding day disasters. Let’s just hope the happy couples involved in these stories can look back and laugh!

The Biggest Wedding Blunders – Wedding Day Disasters We Hope Don’t Happen to Us!

Big wedding mishaps can happen to anyone – even big name celebrities. No matter how much planning goes into a wedding, no matter what size a budget has been allocated, there is always the potential for trouble. If you’re planning your wedding day, it’s good to leave a little wiggle room for mishaps…after all, those wedding blunders have the potential to make for some quality wedding memories! Take the wedding of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds for example. You’ve heard of those two, right? In an interview with Vogue, Blake shared details about how their wedding took a turn for the worse when a sparkler burned the front side of her dress! Luckily, her good friend and neighbor Martha Stewart came to the rescue. Who wouldn’t want the queen of decoration, event planning and design to call in for assistance on their wedding day!?

wedding day disasters
Wedding blunders are sometimes great memories in the making. From a dropped cake to family problems, sometimes blunders make great memories.

Or what about this story from Reddit user StillKitty: “Not my wedding, but my best friend’s. I’ve posted a longer version of this story before, but I’ll just put the short version here. The bride had me and our other best friend share the title of maid of honor. Other maid of honor gradually became more and more self-centered and dramatic during wedding preparations, and on the wedding day she deliberately made herself pass out in the middle of the wedding. She did it for attention, and bowled over the poor little ring bearer in the process.” What do you do when your wedding party is more drama than you are?!

Sometimes wedding blunders happen before the wedding even starts. Actress Hilary Duff actually lost a tooth the day before her wedding…can you imagine? She said in an interview with Ellen that she lost the tooth when she bit into a bagel. That’s one solid baked good! Hillary is married to NHL star Mike Comrie so missing teeth are par for the course, apparently. 

Another Reddit user, MILthrowaway1776 confessed –“We forgot our marriage certificate, forgot my underwear, forgot to do my hair (the stylist curled it but didn’t brush through, I looked wet in all photos) forgot to put the flowers in my hair (something I’d argued with my mom about in place of a veil), we had less than fifty guests to begin with, and ten of them decided not to show up so we had empty tables in our very small venue. Our photographer bailed half-way through the night after eating his free meal and didn’t take any pictures of the reception.

I was so busy being happy about marrying my husband that I didn’t notice any of these things, but I’m a little salty after.”We can imagine!  But how happy was her final memory? That’s what it’s really all about, marrying your best friend and lifelong partner.

Things like paperwork should definitely not go unnoticed. If you need a copy of your marriage records for your big day,VitalChek can help! Hopefully your wedding day goes off without any big blunders. No matter what, it’s going to be gorgeous and you’re going to create so many great memories. Just know that wedding blunders happen to the very best of us, and  it just means you’ll have even more things to remember about the day you said “I Do”. Remember, this day is all about you! Enjoy it and take it all in. Even the mishaps and wedding blunders will make your day more special. 

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