The Walking Dead Returns – Do You Need a Birth Certificate or Death Certificate?

In October 24, 2016

As any true fan knows, The Walking Dead returned to AMC last night. We won’t ruin this post with any spoilers, but we do want you to think about something – if you were stuck in a zombie attack would you be the type of person who would need a death certificate or would you need a replacement birth certificate? The return of The Walking Dead means the return of conversations among your friends and family about how you would prep, where you would go, and how you would avoid a Negan-like situation. Now, imagine there is a cure – how would you go about organizing vital records like birth certificates and death certificates? If the topic of conversation about obtaining a birth or death certificate is making you curious about the formal steps, here are some ways you can get these vital records.

Obtaining a birth certificate that is an official, certified copy is easy when you order online via our safe, secure online ordering system. However, if you are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse looking to rebuild and record civilization around you, you will want to find a Department of Registry, City or Town Hall, or library to find the vital statistics you are looking for in person. These places will either house the documents themselves, or be able to lead you to the one place where all of the documents will be. Once people start going back to work, the internet is back and the mail is coming – online ordering is the go to process! After living through the zombie apocalypse, you shouldn’t have to spent time waiting in line to get a copy of the vital record you need, you should be out enjoying life! The same process is also true for death certificates, they can be ordered online or acquired in person at a vital records office.

Are you curious about what makes the survivors of a zombie apocalypse stand out from the casualties? Here are some factors to consider for your next friendly Walking Dead debate:

  • Survivors know how to feed themselves depending on their surroundings, whether it’d be through hunting or gathering.
  • Casualties will hide out in a grocery store and think that is enough to make it through.
  • Survivors know they need others to make it through – no one is in this alone and ideally, you all have different skills.
  • Causalities believe there is an “I” in TEAM.
  • Survivors take advantage of great locations to set up a small camp or community – but be sure you know your surroundings well!
  • Casualties don’t take the time to know if the area they are in is safe or not, they only think about the “right now”.
  • Survivors remember at the end of the day, they are human!

Hopefully, this gives you something to think about during the days between The Walking Dead episodes to hold you over during the down time! If you need any certified copies of birth or death certificates, remember you can order them online from You can even complete an order during a commercial break!


  1. Hey this is Rebecca larder I was wondering of I can have a birth certificate sent in the post as lost my first one and need it to get a passport and some ID please email me if u can and thanks also.

    1. Hello Rebecca. If you wish to order a certified copy of your birth certificate online, you may be able to do so by visiting If you have any questions during the ordering process, you can email us at

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