There are a variety of cruise types, pick one that’s best for you

Cruise Vacations – What Kind of Cruise is Right for You?

In February 6, 2017

With so many cruise types available today, it can be hard to determine which is right for you and your family, friends, or loved one. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, to explore tropical beaches, cruise north to the Alaskan wilds, or head down one of the many river cruises to see various parts of the world, there’s bound to be a cruise that suits your needs.


And of course, once you decide where to go, there’s the decision of what kind of cruise do you want to be on? Is it a couples cruise? What about a singles cruise, or a party or themed cruise for zombie lovers or the rock ‘n roll crowd? There are also family cruises such as the ones offered by Walt Disney vacations, or spring break cruises for the college students out there. With all of the different options, we thought it would be helpfulto put together a cruise series that takes you through the various types of cruises, possible destinations, themes, and more.


To start off, here’s an overview of the different cruise types based on overall location. We’ll leave themed cruises to another article (and in the meantime, catch up on our fun zombie cruise blog if you missed it), and will hopefully help clear up some of the confusion out there when it comes to types of cruises and what is right for you!


An Overview of Cruise Types

When you’re talking about cruise types, just where do these cruises go? When most people consider a cruise trip, the Caribbean first comes to mind. However, the reality is that cruises sail all over the world, from the classic Caribbean destinations, to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada and even Australia. Most cruise packages are all inclusive. Lodging accommodations are made based on cabin preferences, with food and drinks typically included in your package. Whether you’re itching to go somewhere tropical or explore the brisk beauty of northern Alaska, you can almost guarantee your dream destination is available.

What type of cruise should I take?

The cruise industry has come a long way over the years. “What type of cruise should I take?” Is the first question most first time cruise shoppers ask themselves. While the classic Caribbean cruise vacation is always enjoyable, the types and destinations made available to you by cruise lines and travel agencies are endless. Here’s a list of some of types of cruises and destinations you might consider when planning your cruise vacation.


  1. Family Cruises – Catering to vacationers who want to bring along the whole family, family cruises tend to focus on activities and onboard enrichments that encourage younger participants to have fun.
  2. Fitness Cruises – It really is a thing! Fitness cruises are geared towards healthy eating, gorgeous deck views during workouts to burn the calories, as well as spa and health packages.
  3. Honeymoon Cruises – Like romantic or couples cruises, these are a “no kids allowed” type of vacation. Enjoy the company of your significant other while basking in the sun or enjoying amenities geared towards romance. There are also singles cruises, for those of you looking to meet someone!
  4. Theme Cruises – If Disney, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, or maybe an arts or sports fan cruise is how you want to spend your time on the ocean, these are for you. Music, dancing and even science and nature cruises all exist to give guests the maximum experience they’re really interested in.
  5. Destination Cruises – If themes, family, couples or hobby cruises aren’t your cup of tea, destinations all over the globe are available. The tropics, colder climates, local destinations and far away spots are all available to travelers. Cruises vary in length, anywhere from 3 days to several weeks.


Hopefully now you’ve got some idea on where you want to go and what kind of cruise you want to enjoy. With a plethora of options when it comes to cruise types, picking the perfect cruise vacation should be a bit easier. Once you’ve got that basic decision made, you’ll want to look into planning the rest of the details. Make sure you ask about their food and drink policies and confirm what form of ID you’ll need to board the ship. Depending on where your cruise docks throughout your cruise, a passport may be essential to travel. Don’t have a passport? VitalChek can help get you started with a certified copy of your birth certificate, necessary for a new passport application. And stay tuned for more in the cruise series, coming soon!

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