Best cruise destinations for cheap.

The Best Cruise Destinations for the Cheapest Price

When it comes to cruise vacations, travelers don’t have to go all out. While cruise vacations are typically all inclusive, finding the best cruise destinations for the best prices doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to cut out all the fancy amenities. Some of the cheapest cruise destinations allow you to become a little more immersed in the local culture and stay a little closer to home as opposed to long extravagant cruise vacations.

The Cheapest Cruise Destinations and Vacations

If you’re considering a cruise vacation, There’s a good chance you expect to pay a reasonable amount for your trip. However, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on a cruise vacation altogether. To get the most bang for your buck, considering cruise lines that offer shorter trips out to sea, or cruise ships that offer a slightly outdated or older amenities package. Some older ships on the Royal Caribbean and Carnival lines are still beautiful and in perfect working condition, however due to being a little older don’t have the same amenities newer ocean liners can offer. If what you’re most interested in is getting your feet wet and getting a little taste for life at sea, cruises that are only a few days and spend more time at sea than in port are going to offer you the best experience for the cheapest prices.

The Best Cruise Destinations to Stretch Your Dollar

If you consider how far you’ll have to travel to get to port, deciding on the best cruise destination to stretch your tight budget can be difficult. It’s not impossible however, to find the ideal cruise package that gets you off dry land for several days while allowing you to relax and feel pampered while on the boat. A short trip through the Caribbean or Bahamas will cost you less, especially if the length of your cruise stays under a week. You might also consider repositioning cruises – cruises that are typically one way and require you to purchase airfare to return home. These types of cruises tend to take a bit longer (around 2 weeks) and most of your time is spent at sea, but you’ll get to see more and spend more time on the boat. As an added bonus you will most likely save money since repositioning cruisestend to be considerably cheaper than most destination or luxury cruise trips.


You’ve got plenty of affordable options to consider when booking a cruise vacation. Timing can be a huge factor when planning, so it is recommended that you’re not locked into a specific date range or time of year. Some great deals on the best cruise destinations are during off season months. This also means that if you come across a great deal,  you’ll want to be prepared to book and travel fairly quickly. Each cruise will have different ID requirements, and not all lines require a passport, however having a current passport will ensure your ability to travel without any issues.

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