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Using Multi City Flights for More Affordable Airfare

Are you always looking for ways to make the most out of your vacation time? Whether you want to see as many places as possible or want a budget friendly way to travel the world, using multi city flights can help. You’d be surprised at how much money you can save, especially when you fly in and out of major airports! There are a few ways to search for multiple destination flights: 1. Use the multi city search on a booking or airline website; 2. Research one way ticket prices. You can start to plan your multi city vacation using both of these methods, plus an additional handy trick to score a more affordable, adventure-filled trip.


First things first – you need to determine how much your travel would cost if you simply booked a classic roundtrip airfare. You should use a few different booking sites and compare different airlines to get a baseline for average airfare prices. As a friendly tip –  do all of your airfare searching in your browser’s privacy setting – some browsers call this incognito mode or private browsing mode. This can prevent booking sites or airline sites from tracking your searches and raising airline fees based on your search history. Once you have comparison shopped to determine the average price of a roundtrip ticket, you can start your multi city flight search.


The first method of planning a multi city flight is to use the multi city filter from the booking or airline website. While this method can help you save money,the amount will vary by airline and destinations. Most U.S. based airlines have done away with their savings on multi city flights; however, many bigger, international airlines still offer discounts for these types of flights. Most multi city flight searches let you enter up to six legs of the trip, which is fine for most vacations.  An example itinerary might be Boston to Reykjavik, Reykjavik to London, London to Berlin, and Berlin to Boston. You would enter those destinations, dates of departure, and you’re off! This type of trip will likely end up being less expensive than the cost of the roundtrip from Boston to Berlin. If you’re planning a multi city flight itinerary with a budget, make the most out of your money by adding in different legs of the trip at popular layover airports to find even bigger potential savings.


Another way to book a multi city trip is by researching one-way airfare prices as opposed to roundtrip flights. This travel hack tends to work better on domestic discount airlines as opposed to any of the larger or international airlines. Start out with the same plan as before, determine how much a roundtrip ticket to and from your destination would cost you. Next, start exploring one way tickets either to your end destination or to a location along the way to your end destination. Be sure to look for any deals or flash sales that an airline may offer directly on their website before jumping over to a booking site. You’d be surprised at the great one-way deals you can find under $75 from airlines like JetBlue, Southwest, Frontier Airlines, and more by checking out their on-site offers. If you still haven’t found a one-way ticket that works for your budget, then pop over to a booking site.


Last but not least you can combine the two above methods, especially for international destinations. If you’ve tried the multi city flight planner but can’t seem to find a good deal on a flight to one city you’d absolutely love to visit, there is still hope. For example, you may have found a great multi city deal from Boston to London, London to Berlin, Madrid to Boston but you can’t find a good way to connect Berlin and Madrid through a multi-city search. This is when you start looking at discount airlines like EasyJet or Ryanair to find other connections as one-way tickets to help complete your multi city trip. You may just find a $50 flight to connect the trip via a one-way ticket.


With a little bit of planning, research, and flexibility, you can find ways to make travel fit into your budget. Don’t forget to think about whether your trip will require a REAL ID, passport, or any visas prior to booking it. If you will need to update any of your travel documents prior to your trip, you should be sure to give yourself enough time to organize your proof of ID, citizenship, and/or address. Be sure to allow enough time to receive any updated travel documents like a passport or visa that you may need to order. If you find yourself in need of a birth certificate or other vital records to apply for or renew your travel documents, visit VitalChek to learn more about how you can order your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and other vital records online.


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