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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas | For the Couple Wanting to Give Back

When we think about our big day, there’s a lot of effort, tears, sweat, love and time that goes into the event from finding the perfect place, to the choosing the best colors, deciding who to invite and what to eat. For some, planning the perfect wedding day has been an event in the making since they were children – for others, big events and extravagant ordeals aren’t really their style. No matter what your style, celebrating with the people you love, and saying “I do” to the one you love, is a life changing event. 

Often times, the uniqueness of each wedding lies in the details. One of these details can even be what gifts you choose to receive, if you decide to receive any at all. Traditional gifts may include appliances, linens, honeymoon assistance and cash. t. Destination weddings are becoming more popular as well. These types of weddings give guests the chance to gift things like massages, sightseeing excursions or monetary gifts to help pay for services and lodging. But what about couples who aren’t interested in gifts for themselves? What do you get the couple who already has everything? Unique wedding gift ideas can sometimes be challenging – be it the need for something sentimental or something the couple needs or will genuinely appreciate. Depending on the couple, you might consider charitable wedding gifts for their big event. 

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas – Non Traditional Gifts

While most every couple is gracious and thankful for the wedding gifts they receive, who hasn’t heard stories about newlyweds having received more than one bread maker or blender? Finding unique wedding gifts can not only help you add a personal touch, but can ensure your giftees are getting something they’ll be able to use. It’ll also help them create new memories that include you…after all, they included you in their big day. If you aren’t sure how to pick out something truly unique, you might consider making a charitable donation in the couple’s name instead of a wedding gift. If you don’t know the couple’s interests, you can find local humanitarian charities that are neutral like women’s shelters or environmental causes. We’ve found a few great and unique wedding gift ideas that include some charitable donation opportunities if you’re looking for a gift that falls a bit outside the box.

  • Donations to charity – If you aren’t sure what to get the newlyweds, you might want to consider a charitable donation to a cause one or both of them support. Chances are good that you know them well enough to know things they are passionate about. 
    If you’re planning your wedding and you’d like to request donations in lieu of gifts, make sure you research the charity of choice and indicate on your invitations that you would prefer donations to gifts. 
  • Help with wedding costs  You can help them with wedding necessities that are even less traditional. Things like visa cards or a cash gift with a note that says “This is to cover the cost of official copies of your marriage certificate, you’ll need it for all sorts of things!”
    If your list of guests includes friends and family with skills, it’s possible they may suggest donating their time and talent to your wedding. Have a catering chef in the family? Have a close friend who’s a professional wedding photographer? Hair stylists, entertainment professionals, seamstresses – their skills may be what you’re seeking for your wedding day. Of course you have to decide whether it’s more important to enlist their talents or to just have them there to enjoy the day. 
  • Hobby and bucket list geared gifts – Does the couple plan to backpack through Europe for their honeymoon? Did they meet each other on the slopes in Aspen, Colorado? Are they avid nerdy tabletop gamers? Finding gifts they can enjoy together doing the things they love will be cherished and deeply loved.
unique wedding gifts
Gifting couples things like honeymoon excursions, bucket list items and experiences can help them build memories that keep you in their thoughts. 
  • Gifts that help create memories – The traditional idea behind wedding gifts was to help the new young couple acquire things they need to start their new life together since they might not be able to afford nicer amenities. You might consider gifting the newlyweds outings, experiences and adventures that they can enjoy together, without having to spend extra money. A guided tour through mountain towns, a wine and paint class – maybe a couples cooking class. Make sure that the experience is all inclusive though.

Don’t be misled – we think traditional wedding gifts are helpful and can really get newlyweds off on the right start. In fact, they’re traditional for a reason. If they are included on the registry, appliances and household items will be greatly appreciated. But unique wedding gifts are becoming more popular, so hopefully we’ve helped inspire you if your giftees are seeking out contributions that don’t quite fall under typical wedding gifts. At the end of the day, the happy couple will love whatever you think up – but we’d love to hear about your inspiring and unique wedding gift ideas!

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