unexpected DNA test results

Unexpected DNA Results

You got your Ancestry DNA test over the holidays and you’re super excited to learn all about your family tree, right? There’s so much to discover – where in the world you’re from, connections to relatives and even long lost family members you may not have known you had. Sometimes though, when utilizing testing to learn more about your ancestry, you may get some surprising news. While unexpected DNA test results aren’t overly common, in some instances odd DNA test results may be pleasant…or unpleasant as the case may be. Surprise! It’s important to know, however, that if you happen to utilize these in-home kits, there are groups and support for you if you happen to learn unexpected and shocking news about your results.

Unexpected DNA Test Results – What Are Your Next Steps

With the advent of accessible DNA test kits people can do at home, the data pool most participants have access to has become larger and larger by the day. By making the tests a more viable option for those interested in family genealogy projects, or even those more interested about congenital and health history, companies like Ancestry.com have given the public access to a whole lot of information. 


But what happens when your at home DNA test gives you answers you never thought you’d get? In some cases, the news may be happy – perhaps you learned about a long lost sibling or you are able to find, through mutual testing, a sibling or relative you lost through adoption. In rare cases, people have learned they were switched at birth, which can be overwhelming and hard to process on a level most will never understand. In other instances, some people may discover that their parents are not, in fact, their biological parents.

So what happens if the unexpected news you get isn’t happy? What if you’re struggling to process and deal with learning your genealogy isn’t what you always thought it was? You aren’t alone, which may seem unlikely at the moment. For some people, learning their parent or sibling isn’t a biological relative can be overwhelming and in some cases, devastating. There are even support groups on platforms like Facebook that offer emotional and mental support for those individuals who might need some extra guidance. It is also not unheard of that your DNA test results may help solve cold or pending forensic cases, which would also obviously be a hard piece of news to swallow. 


Odd DNA test results aren’t actually that uncommon – from unknown siblings and relatives to learning your parents may not be who you thought, surprising DNA test results can be mind blowing.

If you’ve received the results of your DNA test and are having a hard time processing the information, Ancestry.com and 23andme.com have support through their services. You can also find groups on social platforms that can help carry the burden of some of this heavy and life altering information. You can also check in with groups like NPE Friends Fellowship and can also help you cope with your unexpected results. 

We hope no matter what, your DNA test results bring you fun in some capacity – learning more about where you came from can be enlightening and exciting! Did you hear some unexpected news about your DNA results? Let us know if we can point you in the direction of groups or other support to help you process what you’ve learned!

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