TSA ID requirements for 2018

TSA ID Requirements for 2018

As of January 22nd, 2018, the REAL ID Act will be well under way. What is the REAL ID Act? Passed in 2005 by congress, the REAL ID Act is a standard of regulations set forth to attach additional security processes to the issuance of sources of identification. Previously, state-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards were sufficient as forms of identifications to access federal properties and board domestic flights. For Real ID compliant states, January 22nd, 2018 means their current state-issued forms of ID will suffice to cross through TSA checkpoints until it’s time to renew and upgrade to a Real ID. For states that have been granted extensions, residents have until October 1, 2020  to decide whether they’ll want to upgrade their ID to a Real ID compliant license or card. Because holding a Real ID form of identification is not mandatory, residents of compliant states have the choice to opt out. Those people who choose to opt out, as well as residents in non-compliant states will be required to carry a form of ID that meets TSA ID requirements from 2018 and forward.in the event that you do not reside in a Real ID compliant state, or have chosen to carry a standard driver’s license or ID card, we’ve put together a list of the forms of ID accepted at TSA checkpoints.

can I fly without Real ID

While Real IDs are not mandatory to carry, if you’re planning on flying domestically you’ll need that or another form of ID approved for TSA checkpoints.

TSA ID Requirements for 2018

In order to board all domestic flights or gain entry via TSA checkpoints to federal properties, you will have to carry either a Real ID or other approved form of identification. Below is a list of TSA approved forms of ID that will grant you access.

  • Real ID cards or licenses will most likely be the easiest to obtain and carry
  • U.S. Passport/U.S. Passport card or a foreign government-issued passport – looking for a convenient way to obtain your passport? Check out passport acceptance fairs for 2018
  • Department of Homeland Security trusted traveler cards – NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST, Global Entry)
  • Department of Homeland Security – designated enhanced driver’s license
  • U.S. Military ID
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Border Crossing Card
  • U.S. Merchant Mariner Credential
  • Federally recognized tribal-issued photo ID
  • Airline or airport-issued ID
  • HSPD-12 PIV card
  • Canadian provincial driver’s license or Indian and Northern Affairs Canada card
  • Transportation worker ID credential
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service Employment Authorization Card (I-766)


Minors accompanying an adult are not required to carry proof of ID to board domestic flights. While this will impact entry into official properties, the biggest place we’ll see changes when it comes to ID requirements is through domestic airline travel. If you’re not sure how to obtain a Real ID, check out our informative blog post here. Our best advice? Don’t panic or rush to your nearest DMV just yet. Check out your state’s compliance and determine when you’ll need to switch over your IDs or obtain a secondary secure form of identification.


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