Traveling Abroad to Places that Have Travel Warnings for Americans

Taking the time to travel both within the U.S. borders and internationally is something many people have on their bucket lists. When you finally figure out your schedule and have the money to plan your big dream trip, you should keep a few things in mind. The Department of State informs United States citizens of travel safety alerts which should always be considered before planning your next big trip. Here is a list of travel alerts and warnings by region.

A travel alert is defined as short-term events that warrant being aware of prior to your trip. An alert may be a sign of protests or an outbreak of a disease that poses a threat to your general health. A travel warning is more serious and warrants reconsidering a trip to this location all together. Warnings are often due to civil wars, unstable governments, and or terrorist activity. All travel alerts and warnings stay in place until the cause of the alert or warning has been resolved.

Europe – currently there is a travel alert throughout Europe for U.S. citizens. There are also travel warnings in specific European countries.

  • Ukraine Travel Warning

North America – currently there are both travel warnings and alerts throughout North America.

  • El Salvador Travel Warning
  • Haiti Travel Alert & Warning
  • Honduras Travel Warning
  • Mexico Travel Warning

Africa – currently there are both travel warnings and alerts throughout Africa.

  • Algeria Travel Warning
  • Burkina Faso Travel Warning
  • Burundi Travel Warning
  • Cameroon Travel Warning
  • Central African Republic Travel Warning
  • Chad Travel Warning
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo Travel Warning
  • Djibouti Travel Alert
  • Eritrea Travel Warning
  • Kenya Travel Warning
  • Libya Travel Warning
  • Mali Travel Warning
  • Mauritania Travel Warning
  • Niger Travel Warning
  • Nigeria Travel Warning
  • Republic of South Sudan Travel Warning
  • Somalia Travel Warning
  • Sudan Travel Warning
  • Tunisia Travel Warning

Asia – currently there are both travel warnings and alerts throughout Asia.

  • Bangladesh Travel Alert
  • Iran Travel Warning
  • Iraq Travel Warning
  • Israel, The West Bank and Gaza Travel Warning
  • Laos Travel Alert
  • Lebanon Travel Warning
  • North Korea Travel Warning
  • Pakistan Travel Warning
  • Philippines Travel Warning
  • Saudi Arabia Travel Warning
  • Syria Travel Warning
  • Turkey Travel Warning
  • Yemen Travel Warning

South America – currently there are both travel warnings and alerts throughout South America.

  • Colombia Travel Warning
  • Venezuela Travel Warning

Before planning your next big trip, make sure to research and consider the travel alerts and warnings. They are put in place to keep you safe and should not be taken lightly. If your travels do bring you into one of these areas, be sure to always be alert and aware of your surroundings. For more international travel tips you can read more here.

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