What Travelers Need for International Travel – Infographic

Planning the perfect international vacation? Or maybe you’re heading overseas for an important business trip. No matter your reason, ensuring you have the proper documents needed for international travel is the first thing to check off on your list of “What travelers need for international travel.” From currency questions and destination information, proper documentation and insurance, making sure you have everything you’ll need while you travel abroad can help give you a piece of mind.


what travelers need to travel internationally

If you’re planning your perfect international trip, make sure you have the documents needed to travel internationally.

Having your paperwork in order is the first step to a perfectly planned vacation. Some other things you may want to consider while planning your trip are things like international cell phone plans or travel apps to make getting around your destination a little easier. Need a certified copy of your birth certificate to get started? VitalChek has you covered.


  1. Planning to travel and tried applying for passport. Presented my birth certificate as identity proof document, however, I am adopted, therefore the file date of my birth certificate is 3 years (1967) after my actual birth date (1964). Guidelines for passport is that the “file date” can not exceed 1 year of the “birth date”. They asked for adoption decree which I do not have. The application provided some other options, none of which I have.

    What can I do? Can I obtain an adoption decree? I’m 53 and have never had this issue or concern!

    1. Hello Brian. Sorry to hear about your predicament. We suggest you contact the vital records agency that issued your post-adoption birth certificate for more information about how you can proceed. We hope you are able to find a solution to this issue.

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