Travel Internationally With Confidence By Protecting Your Identity

When you leave to go on an international trip, you have a lot on your mind and many plans to make. One thing you may not think about is protecting your identity. However, this is something that you should put some thought into before you leave. After all, you are putting yourself out there and using some important documents that could put you at risk if they landed in the wrong hands. The following six tips can help you travel internationally with confidence and a sense of security by protecting your identity.

  • Watch for Scammers – Unfortunately, scammers abound almost everywhere, and the travel industry is no exception. If you decide to work with a travel agent or online travel agency, do your research and make sure you are giving your information (and your money) to someone who is honest and trustworthy. Read online reviews, ask around or check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if the company is reputable.
  • Travel Light – While you will need to bring certain documents with you when you travel (like your passport), you may not need to bring an entire selection of vital records with you. Do some research about your destination and find out exactly what documentation you need to bring.
  • Get Credit in Order – Before you leave on a trip, talk to your credit card company about your travel plans. They can help ensure that your card is not being used in a completely different location than when and where you are traveling. For instance, you can let them know you will be in Italy for a two-week period. If charges are being made on your card in China during that time—something is probably wrong and your creditor can help keep you protected if they know of your travel plans.
  • Be Smart with Smartphones – Sometimes using your smartphone internationally can be dangerous. Make sure you are connecting to secure hotspots or signals to help prevent someone from hacking into your phone.
  • Secure Your House – When you are away from the country, make sure your home is well secured. This may mean installing a security system, having a neighbor keep an eye on the house,  possibly utilizing timed lighting, or use a combination of these precautions.
  • Make or Obtain Copies of Important Documents – Before you leave for a big trip, make sure you have copies of all your important paperwork handy. While you shouldn’t travel with all your important documents, you may want to provide these copies to a close relative. That way, if something happens during the trip, it will be easier to get things back in order if needed.

Make sure you take these precautions and take any additional steps as you see fit. By doing this, you can help protect your identity—something that will benefit you now and for years down the road.


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