Top Winter and Holiday Flying Travel Tips

Traveling is tricky any time of the year, especially when you fly. However, in the holiday season and winter in general, you may have a few additional concerns that can make your trip even more difficult. By making careful plans and keeping a few tips for holiday and winter flying in mind, you will be able to enjoy your winter travel—be it going home for the holidays or going on a fun ski vacation with friends.

  • Book Ahead – More than in any other time of the year, you need to make your plans in advance. Book your tickets as early as you can and choose your seats as early as possible. This can help you save money and avoid being stuck without a flight.
  • Make Alternate Plans – While you may prefer to fly to your destination as planned, make sure you have alternative plans in place—just in case there is a weather emergency that stops your flight. Even having a place to crash “just in case” can keep you from spending Thanksgiving eating in the airport.
  • Pack Well – Be very cautious when packing. Make sure you pack a warm sweater, vital records like a birth certificate (if proof of citizenship or identity might be needed), medicine and other important objects in your carryon bag. Especially during winter, the possibility exists that your main bag could get delayed or lost and you don’t want to be stuck without access to your important items.
  • Leave Early for the Airport – Snow, sleet and other bad weather could make it harder for you to get to the airport, or find a decent parking spot, but it may not delay your flight. Plus, the airport is likely to be busier than usual, so make sure to account for a slower security line.
  • Don’t Wrap Gifts – If you are bringing gifts with you when you fly, don’t wrap them until you land. Chances are, the airport security will unwrap them anyway and it could make it more likely that your bag is delayed during screening.

Flying in winter or around the holidays is similar to flying any other time of the year. However, the small differences can make a big difference to you and could potentially cause you a few problems. Just use caution and keep up with the weather and delays using your smartphone or computer. This will keep you from being surprised when you walk into a mess at the airport!


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