top indoor water parks

Top Indoor Water Parks | Why They’re All the Rage for Year-Round Fun

Amusement park vacations are actually a popular destination for kids and adults alike. Unless you’re headed to places like the amusement capital of the world (Orlando, Florida), most amusement parks are seasonal across the globe. That means you have a limited window of opportunity to visit them while the weather is ideal. This is even more true when we’re talking about water parks. But there’s been a surge in popularity over the last few decades of a new type of water park…the indoor kind! These parks typically operate year round since they’re protected from the elements and bad weather. To some, it’s even better that they’re protected from the summer elements, too! We’ve put together some of the top indoor water parks for those of you wanting to speed down waterslides, go tubing, hit the waves in a wave pool, and enjoy splash pads for the kids without having to worry about mother nature crimping your style. 

best indoor water parks
The best indoor water parks can give your family a great water park experience all year round!

Top Indoor Water Parks

With the emergence of climate controlled, protected and perfectly placed indoor water parks, travelers and amusement park goers have found a lot more options when it comes to planning their vacations. If seasonality has hindered your water park adventure in the past, you’ll be happy to know that indoor water parks are making it easier than ever to get away and enjoy splashdown fun all year round. Below are 5 of our top indoor water parks from the U.S. 

  1. Great Wolf Lodge – With locations all over the US, Great Wolf Lodge is perfect for a fantastic family getaway. They’ve even got a location in Canada! With slides, pools, kid zones and other great family activities, they’ll keep your whole family entertained during the day and then give you great lodging options at night. While their resorts are geared more towards younger kids, there’s still plenty to do, and they’re located in places where other entertainment options can help you out when you’re tired of getting wet!
  2. Kalahari Waterpark – Located in Sandusky, Ohio, the Kalahari Waterpark is still considered the largest indoor water park in the U.S. Due to some pretty awesome technology, guests can even get a tan under its transparent roof! With a variety of activity pools and spots for the kids to enjoy, it’s considered a pretty hot go-to for water park enthusiasts.
  3. Avalanche Bay, Boyne Mountain Resort – 88,000 square feet makes this one of the top indoor water parks in the U.S. Located in Michigan, this fun indoor water park has you right smack in the middle of other great adventure opportunities. If you head there in winter, you can hit the slopes then go hit the slides!
  4. Epic Waters, Grand Prairie, Texas – Epic Waters boasts 80,000 square feet of climate controlled indoor water park fun. If hot southern temps are something you’re used to, there’s no need to hit amusement parks and outdoor parks in the blistering sun. Stay undercover, kick back, enjoy pools and slides with the family and if you feel like venturing out for more entertainment later in the day you’re right near the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 
  5. Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, part of Camelback Resort in Tennessee – If you want to dabble in a little bit of indoor but a whole lot of outdoor water park fun, you’ll want to check out Aquatopia Waterpark. Spread across 125,000 square feet, it’s got 13 slides and seven pools. But to add to your fun vacation, you can head outdoors to Camelback Resort and check out their impressive outdoor waterpark. But hey, the heat and humidity might not be your thing – head to the place that gives you options!

It’s totally ok to want to enjoy the splashy wetness of waterparks without suffering the sweltering heat – and even better if you want to hit a waterslide during snowy winter months. That’s why the best indoor water parks are temperature regulated to keep you comfortable any time of year! If you’re planning on flying to your indoor water park vacation destination, make sure you have the proper ID to board your domestic flight. If you don’t have a passport, you may need to obtain a Real ID to board domestic flights. Need to obtain a passport or Real ID? Make sure you start with a certified copy of your birth certificate. Let us know what you think of your next indoor water park visit, we’d love to hear about it!

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