Top 5 Travel Apps for Smartphones

For the modern day traveler having a smartphone is common sense. With so many travel apps, it can make traveling a breeze. For calling purposes, international plans can easily be added to a policy for any period of time and are more affordable than they previously were years ago. For the frequent international traveler, there are also phones that are global ready, meaning they don’t require a change to a phone plan in order to be used in another country. Thanks to travel apps for smartphones and the popularity of Wi-Fi hotspots, travelers can venture into new places with ease.

Top 5 Travel Apps for Smartphones:


  • Localeur Looking for the where the locals like to hang out? This app works with locals to help travelers find the best local eats, nightclubs, or hidden adventures. All locations include reviews from people who live in the city or town the app user is trying to experience. Every person who has posted a local hot spot has both a picture and a profile so app users can follow people with similar interest. This app works on both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • FlightTrack 5 – Waiting to pick up a loved one from the airport? Want to make sure your flight hasn’t been cancelled? Want all of this in real time? Download FlightTrack 5 to have all of your flight information in one accurate place. For anyone in flight, you can see flight information such as geographic map locations, altitude, and speed. Anyone picking you up from the airport can be sure they are on time whether your flight is early, on time, or late. This travel app can be used on all smartphones and tablets.
  • HopStop – In a new city and not sure how to get to your next destination? Let HopStop help you. Containing over maps of public transportation in over 300 cities globally, you’ll never be lost for long. This app can help you find the nearest subway or bus stop and can help you estimate the cost of a taxi in the city you’re visiting. You can also find public transportation schedules and handicap accessible stations. Available on iOS systems and also online without a download.
  • WhatsApp Messenger – WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform that allows users to send text’s, pictures, videos, GPS tags, and sound clips all over the smartphones Wi-Fi or data package. This is an essential app for anyone who wants to stay in touch with family and friends while traveling overseas and can be a great alternative to buying an international data plan.
  • iTranslate – Not sure how to ask for directions or need help understanding what’s on your menu? iTranslate is here to help. It includes a dictionary, voice output and voice input. Your app can speak your questions in another language and listen in another language to translate back to you so you can get the information you need when you need it.This travel app is available on iOS and Android.


Next time you travel, remember to download these top 5 travel smartphone apps so you can be ready for whatever you experience on your trip. To learn more about obtaining vital records for your trip, contact VitalChek. We are a leading vital records provider!

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