Top 5 Destinations for River Cruises

In May 19, 2016

Have you been thinking about going on a river cruise but don’t know where to go? Luckily, due to river cruises increasing popularity, it isn’t hard to find fantastic river cruise destinations. You can cruise throughout Europe, Asia, U.S., and many other places. If you need some inspiration for your trip planning, here are the top 5 river cruise destinations trending right now.


  • Have you always wanted to cruise the Rhine and Danube River? A Viking Bragi cruise that travels from Amsterdam, Cologne, Budapest, and more will help your travel itch. You will be able to find this popular river cruise in 9-day, 14-day, and 18-day river cruises with the Viking Bragi. Depending on how many days you have available for your vacation you can visit 16 different river side cities.
  • Want to stay within the United States for your next river cruise? The S.S. Legacy via Un-Cruise Adventures can take you on 7-day cruises on the Columbia, Snake, and Willamette Rivers. These cruises are perfect for the history lovers as you get to cruise through Washington and Oregon, seeing waterfalls, wineries, and more. These river cruises are perfect for those who don’t have more than a week’s vacation time.
  • If you love India and the Indian culture, you will love the Adventure to Nagaland river cruise by Pandaw Cruises. This river cruise will allow you to visit remote areas not often showcased in popular tourism agencies. Not only will you get to eat fine cuisine, but you will cruise alongside breathtaking riverside scenery that includes cliffs, jungles, and more.
  • The Amazon River is one of the most well-known and studied rivers. If you’ve always wanted to sail down the Amazon River you will love an Amazon Adventure cruise by Abercrombie & Kent. This cruise is typically an 8-day cruise and you will get a chance to relax on a river boat that features jungle excursions into the Amazonian Jungle.
  • Egyptian river cruises are very popular, making the Splendors of Egypt and the Nile by Uniworld Cruises. The best part of this cruise is that you will get a chance to spend 4 nights in Cairo itself! This cruise is an 11-day cruise that will give you a chance to explore Egypt’s most famous attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza.

Once you know which river cruise is right for you, be sure that you have your important travel documents in order for your trip. Some river cruises require you to have a passport and may also require additional government paperwork, so be sure that you ask your river cruise line about their requirements from passengers for safe travel.

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