The Top 10 Most Popular Interscholastic Sports

With most schools back in session or getting ready to be, you probably finally have time to start considering some extracurricular activities for your kids. While there are several options available to young students, participation in interscholastic sports is typically high on the list of fun activities. Along with the benefits of keeping your youngsters busy and out of trouble, popular school sports help develop important social skills and prepare them for future endeavors in education and the work force. Here’s our list of popular sports for school aged kids to consider if they’re looking for something fun to do throughout the school year.

interscholastic sports

High school is the most competitive time for interscholastic sports. It opens the door for intercollegiate events and competitions

Top 10 Most Popular Interscholastic Sports

  1. Football – Football is one of the most popular interscholastic sports available to students. If your youngsters are passionate about football, this sport can carry them from elementary school through college!
  2. Basketball – A sport that offers both boys and girls teams, basketball leagues typically start as young as 7 years old. While there are teams for younger kids, their motor skills may not be quite developed enough to keep the ball moving. Youth leagues start getting competitive around the 4th grade, and clinics and sports camps can keep them interested and honing in their skills through the more competitive high school and college levels.
  3. Track – From sprinting and hurdles, to throwing events, youth track and field is available competitively to kids about 9 and up. While divisions are available for kids under 9, there are more opportunities for meets for junior high and high school students.
  4. Baseball/Softball – Baseball and softball are high on the list of popular youth sports. Both softball and baseball Little Leagues start for kids as young as four and graduate to high school and college leagues after age 16.
  5. Soccer – Another very popular interscholastic sport is soccer. Youth soccer leagues will get your kids engaged as young as 3 years old while preparing them for more competitive teams later in their school careers.
  6. Volleyball – High school volleyball is another popular interscholastic sport, but league age groups start with 10-and-under, and go up through university teams and leagues.
  7. Wrestling – With age and weight divisions for both boys and girls, kids can start being active in this sport around age 7. Interscholastic wrestling is a bit more strict on weight classes, and opportunities for meets and competitions increases once students hit junior high.
  8. Cross Country – Generally, cross country is more popular with high school age and older students, as long distance running over natural terrain requires a level of athleticism and dedication typically found in older kids.
  9. Tennis – Another sport for students of all ages, tennis can be a great pastime with opportunities from elementary school through college.
  10. Swimming and Diving – The youngest age group for swimming and diving teams is 10-and-under and go up through high school. Once students hit the collegiate level, divisions and meets change rules and requirements.


popular school sports

Sports like basketball, track and swimming are great social sports that keep students busy while developing important life skills.


Getting your kids started in sports at a young age can help keep their bodies and brains growing and healthy. If they’re interested at a young age, before junior high, there are plenty of toddler and little leagues and divisions to help teach them the ins and outs of each sport. Once you know they’re interested in progressing with a sport they enjoy, opportunities to compete against other schools and other divisions or regions can be abundant all the way into adulthood. We know it can be hard juggling school with outside activities and sports, so make sure you’ve got a plan in place to keep your household organized and happy! You can obtain certified copies of your child’s birth certificate at, if you don’t already have a copy on hand!


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