Top 10 Destinations in the U.S. to Visit this Summer

As we near summer, you’ve hopefully pinned down where you’d like to go for that much needed summer vacation. If you’ve crossed overseas destinations off your list and instead plan on sticking to summer vacation ideas in the U.S., we’ve got some excellent places in mind. You might find that some of the biggest points of interest in the United States are an easy drive, or even a quick flight away from where you live.

  1. The Grand Canyon – One of nature’s most impressive offerings, the Grand Canyon is a site to be admired. Located in Northern Arizona, this chasm offers breathtaking views with opportunities for some serious hiking and camping. If you’re more interested in traveling with all the amenities, you’ll find those too.
  2. Orlando, Florida – Known as the Amusement Park Capitol of the World, Orlando is the place to be for roller coasters, theme parks, great entertainment and an adventurous spirit. Great for families, or the solo traveler, you’ll no doubt find something here to keep you occupied.
  3. New York City, New York – In the city that never sleeps, you’ll find yourself entranced by just how much there is going on 24 hours a day. Shopping, shows, museums and the grandeur of Central Park, New York City stands on its own in terms of sightseeing and entertainment. If anything, you’ll have a difficult time seeing all that you want to see, making NYC one of the best cities to visit in the USA.
  4. Glacier National Park, Montana – With 700 miles of trails, endless lakes, streams and rivers, with meadows, mountains and scenery that will take your breath away, Glacier National Park is one of the best vacation spots in the US.
  5. San Antonio, Texas – Teeming with rich colonial heritage, San Antonio is rife with history, great shopping, and fasting dining experiences. Check out the Alamo, and head down the River Walk for some great nightlife.
  6. Breckenridge, Colorado – The Rockies aren’t only good for great skiing and winter activities. In the summer months, Breckenridge is a happening and gorgeous summer travel destination. Summer concerts, shopping, hiking and camping, all combined with the great views the Rocky Mountains are so well known for, you’re bound to find something for both the nature lover and the big city folks in your group.
  7. Charleston, South Carolina – Another US city overflowing with deep history, Charleston is one of the best summer vacations in the US. Museums, cobblestones, great food, horse-drawn carriages…this old city is packed with plenty to do.
  8. New Orleans, Louisiana – Great southern food, Bourbon Street, brass bands and plenty of museums and intense night life make New Orleans a hot spot for summer vacations.
  9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – If you’re hoping for some beach going this summer, you may want to check out Myrtle Beach. Amusement parks, water parks, dining, lodging and plenty of live entertainment, you’ll be hard pressed to have anything but a good time. You’ll also find some great outdoor activities like fishing, surfing and of course, laying at the beach.
  10. Nashville, Tennessee – If there’s a country music lover in your group, they may think Nashville would be one of the best summer vacation spots. More great history, warm weather, and a ton of great live music and entertainment, Nashville has something for everyone.

For most people, a lot of planning goes into the making of a fantastic and memorable summer vacation. No matter where you decide to go, let us help you plan your summer vacation with some more great tips. With so many awesome destinations to choose from right in your backyard, planning the minor details that will make your vacation great will be so much easier!

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