things to do with kids in the winter

Things to Do With the Kids in the Winter

It’s winter time here in the northern hemisphere. Are your kids feeling restless being stuck inside all day? Not sure what to do with the kids in the winter? Just because it’s cold and the ground is covered in snow, doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. However, if your kids are over the snow or don’t necessarily enjoy the cold weather, we’ve got a few ideas that will keep your child from going stir-crazy and will help you maintain your sanity! Below we’ve listed out some fun indoor and outdoor activities that both you and your kids can enjoy this season. Bundle up and have those hot cocoas on standby, as we go through our list of things to do with the kids in the winter.

things to do with kids in the winter - sledding
Enjoy a day of family fun sliding down hills with your kids.

Sledding– Sledding is great fun for all ages. Grab your favorite tube or saucer, find the perfect hill and prepare yourself for hours of entertainment gliding through the crispy cool air.

Build an Indoor Obstacle Course – Do you remember jumping from one couch cushion to the next to avoid the hot lava lying beneath you? Oh, the good old days. Building an indoor obstacle course can keep the kids entertained for hours and burn off plenty of energy. 

Skiing/Snowboarding– Children can begin skiing or snowboarding as young as three years old. Sign them up for lessons or hit the bunny slopes together. Don’t forget your helmets! Safety first.

Write a Story – Can you picture your child as the next best-selling author? Go where your imagination takes you. Work together and create a story.

Ice Skating – This activity might be a bit slippery for the little ones. You may want to consider guiding them through their first time out or providing them with a skating aid. Once they get the hang of it, they may never want to stop!

Play Chess – This game will definitely keep your kids on their toes. Playing chess will teach your kids valuable life skills such as planning ahead and understanding and accepting consequences. 

things to do with kids in the winter - building a snowman
A family having fun building a snowman together.

Building a Snowman – Who doesn’t love to build a snowman? Let your kids’ imagination run wild. Use items you can find at home such as veggies, fruits, sticks, clothes and other materials to help bring your child’s snowman to life.

Building a Snow Fort – After graduating from building a snowman, keep your kids occupied for hours by constructing a snow fort together and prepare yourself for the ultimate snowball fights ahead.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt – What better way to keep your kid entertained than by sending them on a scavenger hunt? Hide clues under a lamp, in a desk, or even behind the toaster for your kids to follow to find the treasure. Find more ideas on how to create an indoor scavenger hunt for your kids here!

Ice Fishing – Children who have gone fishing during the warmer months, may enjoy ice fishing. Keep in mind, the children may start to get a little antsy waiting for the fish to bite. Try to keep the outing short and make sure the ice is safe!

Snowshoeing– Families that hike together, stay together. If your kid can walk, they can snowshoe. Enjoy a fun day on the trails! Checkout AllTrails to find the best trails to snowshoe near you.

things to do with kids in the winter - arts and crafts
Let their imaginations run wild!

Arts and Crafts – Let your kids get in touch with their creative side. Make paper snowflakes or paint winter scenes on the windows. Who knows, your child may be the next Vincent Van Gogh.

Make a Time Capsule – Time capsules are super easy to make, and your child will love making predictions for their future selves or looking back on old memories. Fill a shoebox with a few of your favorite items, pictures, or a letter to your future selves. Bury it in your backyard and a few years later, dig up the box and reminisce on the good ol’ days.

Baking – Nothing goes better with a cup of hot cocoa than warm, delicious chocolate chip cookies or yummy cupcakes. Spend an afternoon baking your favorites, together! Delish offers several great ideas for easy, fun baking with your kids. Some of our favorite ideas include unicorn poke cake or monster cookies. Yum!

Winter Vacation – A getaway might just be what the family needs after spending so much time cooped up in the house. Maybe a ski trip to the Canadian Rockies or Swiss Alps will do the trick? For best places to go skiing this winter season, check out our blog here. If you are traveling internationally, be sure to have updated passports for each family member. 

We hope the suggestions in the list above have inspired you to try something new with the kids this winter! If you’re ready to hop on a plane for an impromptu winter vacation, don’t forget any paperwork you might need for you or the kids. Visit for certified copies of everyone’s birth certificates. Enjoy!

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