Themed Cruises for 2019

Themed Cruises for 2019

Calling all sea lovers! Think of a celebrity you’ve always wanted to meet, a hobby you really enjoy, or something new and exciting that you’ve always wanted to try. Now picture yourself doing all these things on a cruise ship. That’s right. A themed cruise. The number of themed cruises is rapidly increasing and with such a wide variety, how will you ever decide which themed cruise is the right one for you? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of themed cruises for 2019. Before booking a themed cruise, let’s talk about the different types of themed cruises that are available.

According to the Cruise Critic, themed cruises are categorized into three separate groups. 

Full-Ship Theme Cruise:Choose your theme wisely because it will set the tone for your sailing. Everyone onboard can participate in the themed activities and entertainment, and every onboard venue is in use, from the pool-deck for concerts to the dining room, where special menus might be featured. Full-ship theme cruises can be either fully chartered by an independent company or offered by the cruise line itself. 

Partial-Ship Theme Cruise:Not all theme cruises engulf the entire ship. Special interest groups can purchase a number of cabins in different categories and market to people who would be interested in the activity, which can range from scrapbooking to baseball. These groups usually have little impact on the other vacationers onboard, although some of the public spaces may be taken over by the group.

Theme-Inspired Cruise:Cruise lines commonly advertise themed sailings, but these tend to be regular sailings with some extra special-interest activities or guest speakers added to the usual programming. On these sailings, you might have a regionally inspired wine tasting or guest musical performer onboard.

Now that we understand the different types of themed cruises available, let’s combine what you love to do with a much-needed vacation with one of these themed cruises. 

  • Motorcycle Cruise – The world’s only biker rally on a cruise ship. The dress code on this ship is casual, although bikers will have to bring along leather attire for a couple of the ‘leather required’ dinners. The entertainment ranges from comedians to treasure chest contests to pirate biker bingo and so much more.
themed cruise
Sip on some chocolate martinis while enjoying a view of the sea on a chocolate lover’s cruise.
  • Chocolate Lover’s Cruise – From chocolate fountains to chocolate cooking lessons to chocolate spa sessions to seven course chocolate meals, these chocolate cruises have EVERYTHING chocolate. A few cruise lines offer offshore chocolate excursions, including visiting chocolate factories and or learning how to make chocolate. If that isn’t enough to get your sweet tooth going, you can check out the chocoholic menus at the restaurants or even chocolate cocktails at the bar. This chocolate cruise is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. 
  • Ghost Hunter Cruise – Do you believe in ghosts? If you answered yes, then this is the cruise for you. With special guests from ‘Ghost Hunters International’ and TV medium stars, this cruise is one you will never forget. Highlights include daily seminars on various topics, paranormal investigations and ghost hunting expeditions. 
  • Holy Ship Cruise – These cruises feature the best of the best in electronic music with artists performing on multiple stages. Besides the amazing music, guests will be treated to theme nights, private beach parties and artist led activities. Throw in the amazing company, on-board casino, spa and awesome destinations, and you have yourself one amazing cruise.
  • Murder Mystery Cruise– This cruise is for the true detective. Passengers become players in this game and whether they get into character or choose to watch from the sidelines, it is sure to be a blast.
booking a themed cruise
Get to know marathon runners just like you. Enjoy a Running Cruise.

These examples are just a few in an almost endless list of themed cruises. There is a wine tasting cruise, Wrestlemania, tattoo cruise, Star Trek, Grand Prix (for all you need for speed folks) and Saturday Night Fever. Cruises for history buffs, country music lovers, impractical jokers, Fashion Week divas, running cruises (for all you marathon runners), Sci-Fi, The Walking Dead and so much more!

If we didn’t list a themed cruise you’d be interested in, you can find more options for themed cruises by visiting or asking your local travel agent. 

We hope the above list of themed cruises for 2019 has inspired you to take a vacation that combines your passion with your love for the sea. Most, if not all cruise vacations will take you to international destinations. Make sure you have all the important documents you may need. Need a certified copy of your birth certificate before traveling? VitalChek is at your service. Bon voyage! 

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