The History of Movember

In November 24, 2016

Have you noticed an unusual number of men growing full, thick moustaches this month? Welcome to Movember 2016! The history of Movember has roots in casual moustache growing starting back in 2003. Over a beer at their local bar, two Australian men began discussing how to bring back moustaches as a fashion trend. The Movember Foundation saw its inception as a bit of a social experiment, but the idea transformed over the last 13 years as an amazing foundation which utilizes its profits to help transform the face of men’s health.

How did Movember start?

The story behind Movember is a charming one. The guys who started Movember began the Foundation as a bit of a conversation topic. Inspired by a friend’s mother raising money for breast cancer awareness, the rules of Movember were set in place to inspire a handful of guys to grow a moustache (a “mo” in Australia). The first year, no money was donated to any cause. Due to the ease and success of their inaugural year, the guys decided to set the rules of Movember into action and create the Movember Foundation as a way to actually earn proceeds to give to men’s health research and awareness.

What is a Movember mustache?

The Foundation encourages participants to grow out their moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness and get people talking about men’s health issues. Participants begin November 1st with a clean shaven face. They allow their moustaches to grow unchecked until the end of the month with any money they would have spent on moustache trimming going to charity.

What are the Movember mustache rules?

The rules for November mustache growing are pretty simple. Start with a clean shaven face…end with a fantastic bushy moustache. The goal is to raise awareness, so hopefully someone will notice your brilliant new furry facial hair and ask why you’re letting it grow so wildly. Talk about men’s health, get people to donate and donate the money you would have spent on grooming and upkeep to the Movember Foundation.

How does Movember raise money?

On an individual basis, Mo-growers may simply donate the amount they’d normally spend on grooming and grooming products. However, if you sign up through the Movember Foundation, you accept the challenge of calling friends, family and raising money by other means to contribute to the Foundation’s pool of resources. Their ultimate goal is to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. Prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues affect men of all ages.

The Foundation  has created a movement that has impacted the entire globe. Over its lifespan, the Foundation has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for men’s health. If you’re thinking about getting into the Mo-growing groove, you might consider entering yourself in a Mo-contest. Just keep in mind, while your moustache may be a bit out of control, you ID photo may be a stretch to identify you with. You might want to have a certified copy of your birth certificate on hand to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered!

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