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The Future of Travel | Where Are We Headed?

Did you know that the first scheduled flight to carry a paying customer took place back in 1914? Since then, airlines have transported more than 65 billion passengers. The next 65 billion passengers are expected to travel within the next 15-20 years. Why? Thanks to cheaper and more accessible transport, as well as well as smarter planning tools, independent travel is easier than ever. Read on to learn more about travel trends of the future.

Travel is becoming more of a lifestyle than a luxury. With millions of people traveling each day, the concept of travel as a chance to “escape” has become outdated. High prices, which often prevented people from traveling, continue to drop; for those with the means, travel has become a lifestyle. Language barriers are disappearing thanks to translation apps. Cheaper flights give more travelers the opportunity to get away for the weekend. Opportunities to work from home give workers the option to choose the home-base of their liking.

Festival fever. With flights becoming faster and cheaper than ever before, travelers are taking advantage of global calendar events from all around the world. Participating in sports events, music festivals and carnivals. Many of these events now offer package deals when you purchase your flight and event tickets together. How can you say no to that?!

Fantasy flights. These days, airlines are offering some great perks such as lie-flat seats and meals prepped by celebrity chefs to create a more comfortable travel experience. No need to fret. Inflight experiences for the smaller budget traveler are moving airlines to improve the experience for economy fliers as well. Norwegian Air offers free on-board wi-fi and Air New Zealand’s massive skycouch allows for more relaxed seating for families.

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Airports showcasing more local finery to create the full experience for travelers. 

The evolution of airports. The chaotic and impersonal image of airports is slowly disappearing. Long layover? Travelers can retreat to a mini jungle in Kuala Lumpur or browse through Amsterdam Schiphol’s library. Enjoy outdoor trails at the Zurich Airport, luxury golf courses in Hong Kong, or the astonishing butterfly garden at the Singapore Changi Airport. Needless to say, travelers can expect airports to showcase more local finery to create the full experience. 

Living like a local. With Airbnb and HomeAway, travelers are able to get the full “living like a local” experience. Enjoy the beautiful views outside this cave house in Oia or make friends with your new neighbors while staying in this luxurious stone villa in Crete.

Smarter, sustainable travel. Green travel has hit the big time as a new generation of travelers create sustainability into every step of their journey. Travelers expect companies to demonstrate commitment to preserving the natural environment and prompting a boom in ecotourism.Travel industry trends are changing for the better and the future of travel is something to look forward to. Experience the world in more ways than one. However, don’t forget to travel with an updated passport. VitalChek can provide you with official documents that you may need quickly and securely. 

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