Summer wedding ideas

Fun Summer Wedding Ideas

A summer wedding can be the perfect time to tie the knot! The warm air and soft breeze get everyone into a great mood, and the ice cold cocktails and refreshing hors d’oeuvres certainly don’t hurt. We’d like to share some of our favorite summer wedding ideas and planning tips to help get those creative juices flowing. So pull up a chair, pour a glass of your favorite wine, and let’s get right to it!

Enjoying a summer wedding

The possibilities for summer wedding ideas are endless – let your creativity run free.

Think About Your Guests First

If you’re planning a summer wedding, there’s no doubt you’re excited to celebrate your marriage under the glowing sun. Now, we know not everyone is going to be a huge fan of the heat, especially if your ceremony is in the afternoon around the hottest part of the day. Never fear though, as you have some options if you know your guest list well.

When you’re working out the details of your ceremony and reception, discuss your options with the chosen venues. For example, if you have older friends or family that won’t be able to last in the heat during the day – this can be planned for! You can consider if a covering or tent of some sort is feasible during your 3 PM reception outside. If not, perhaps the venue can help you determine if there will be areas of shade available at the times you’ll need it. Planning out these details in advance will make for a much smoother wedding day and guests that are just as ready as you are to celebrate your union!

Decor, Decor Everywhere!

Wedding decor can range from very expensive and intricate designs to fun decorations thrown together in your living room. Depending on your personal taste and the theme of your summer wedding, your decor possibilities are endless!

Here are some of our favorite summer wedding ideas:

  • Twinkling lights anyone? Beautifully strung, hanging lights can set a magical tone for the night at an outdoor reception. The best part? If you’re crafty, you can easily put this together yourself. This means you aren’t tied to what’s sitting on the
    Summer wedding flowers

    Summer wedding flowers!

    shelf at the store. ClaCali has a great video (see below) with some decor ideas to get you started. Their YouTube channel has a lot of great DIY wedding videos that are worth checking out!

  • If you look up synonyms for summer, bonfire should definitely be on that list! Country House Wedding Venues has a great list of bonfire-themed ideas and a lot of cute photos too. The “Snuggle Up” blanket rack was one of our favorites.
  • Shopping for in-season flowers? The bright colors and fresh scents of summer flowers are sure to whisk away all of your pre-wedding stress! Check out Flower Magazine’s articles on summer wedding floral arrangements to help plan your perfect bouquet. 
  • Town & Country Magazine shared over 20 different tablescape ideas that are fit for a summer wedding. Even if an elegant feel isn’t the style you’re looking for, these gorgeous photos are inspiring and can be toned down for a more rustic, down-to-earth feel.

Where’s the Bar?!

Time for the bubbly! Planning summer cocktails certainly isn’t the worst item on the list. We’ve picked a few of our favorite summery recipes to share with you below:

  • This Raspberry Mango Sangria from Nutmeg Nanny looks incredible! The tangy raspberry and sweet mango pair so well together, and with a touch of mint? This recipe just screams summer.
  • If a nice juicy strawberry is more your thing, check out this recipe from The Suburban Soapbox for Strawberry Champagne Mojitos.
  • Is your favorite color purple? You might want to have these Lavender Lemonade Martinis at your summer wedding to complement the bridesmaid dresses!
  • To keep the lemonade train rolling, how about these Spiked Ombre Lemonades?! The presentation of these really speak to summer with the bright layered colors and garnishments.
  • Although this recipe for Pineapple Punch doesn’t contain any alcohol, it’s easy enough to add. It can also be a really pretty summer drink to have for the kids as well, with some vodka added for the adults!

Other Fun Summer Wedding Ideas

You’ve got the decor squared away, and the bar is stocked and ready to go. What’s next?

  • Giant Classic Games – Giant Jenga is one of the easiest games you can have for everyone to play at your wedding. The official set can sell for $100+ online, but The Beautiful Mess created their own on a budget and painted the blocks fun colors. Is your spouse-to-be good with a saw?
  • Lawn Games – Another easy DIY game that is a crowd pleaser? Cornhole! Lowe’s has an excellent DIY guide on what you’ll need and how to make the board.
  • Selfie anyone? – The selfie craze has yet to die down – why not take advantage of it? Instead of the typical photo booth, you can plan a fun table game for your guests. Think of a scavenger hunt, except with selfie sticks. Create a list of photos the guests will need to take, and pick a fun prize for the winner at the end!
  • S’mores – Remember the bonfire idea from earlier? It’s a big win when you can convince your guests to make their own desserts and have fun while doing it.
  • Bouncy Castles – Yes, you read that right. Bouncy castles are a huge trend in the UK right now, and we are crossing our fingers they are available stateside before your chosen wedding date. You can read more about this at

Hopefully some of the summer wedding ideas above were helpful, and have inspired you while planning your wedding. If you need any assistance with marriage certificates or any vital records, come on over to VitalChek and we’re happy to assist!


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