summer vacation during covid-19

Summer Vacation During COVID-19

With the much of the country still on self-isolation and quarantine, we’re all trying to find safe and responsible ways to get out and experience life. For some, rescheduling major events like weddings and parties have been a necessity. But what about those of us who’ve had to reschedule or make new vacation plans? While normal outlets for stress relief and entertainment have been closed down or temporarily put on hold, your vacation doesn’t have to be canceled entirely. While heading to an amusement park or boarding a cruise ship may not be in the cards this year, that doesn’t have to mean that summer vacation during COVID-19 has to be a bust. We’ve put together a few fun ideas for summer vacation while social distancing. 

Summer Vacation During COVID-19

We don’t recommend immediately jumping in line for big entertainment venues, amusement parks, or vacations that put you in large groups, but there are plenty of alternatives for you this summer. This may be a great opportunity to bust out a road map and hit the road with your family. Road trip travel not only cuts down on direct exposure with strangers but it also gives you the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family. It’ll also open the door to planning more sites into your trip when you head across the U.S. If changing vacation plans due to COVID-19 has you scrambling for ideas, check out a few of these vacation ideas, and some travel safety tips to keep you safe during this pandemic. 

  • Camping – Whether you’re an avid camper or this is your first adventure, camping spots across the U.S. are seeing a renewed interest in the great outdoors. There are plenty of free locations, but make sure you research where you want to visit to learn of any fees or permits you may need. You may also want to inquire about capacity and reservations. With so many people thinking outside the box when it comes to getaways, there will be more folks out exploring.
  • Hotels – While booking a road trip or any other U.S. vacation, it’s good to remember that many hotels not open yet, and the ones that are may have limited capacity. Due to stricter cleaning and sanitation protocols, many hotels are leaving rooms open for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure thorough sanitation. This may impact availability, so if you’re planning any sort of trip you’ll definitely want to call about reservations in advance.
  • National ParksThere are hundreds of national parks that are wide open for adventure! If you’re planning to camp, you’re in luck. Most national parks allow camping, so if your summer vacation travel includes a road trip, you can visit quite a few parks and never have to worry about a hotel or other lodging arrangements. Social distancing best practices are still in place when others are around, but one of the pros of heading into the wilderness is the ability to stay away from most people and enjoy mother nature sans mask.
changing vacation plans
For many, changing vacation plans this summer has been a must. If you’re looking for new ideas, the U.S. National Parks are a great place to start! Load up the family and head to breathtaking places like Yellowstone National Park!
  • Adventure travel – While visiting a national park definitely has its fair share of adventure, adventure travel in the U.S. is something to consider when planning your summer vacation during COVID-19. While some adventures may be at reduced operation during this time, ziplining, rock climbing and trekking to some of the most exciting destinations are still totally available. Outdoor adventures are high on the list of summer vacation ideas due to the ability to stay away from people and keep up social distancing best practices. 
  • Touring historic cities and monuments – Digging into your favorite cities and monuments is another great way to spend the summer. Whether you plan to camp or stay at an Airbnb, being able to throw on a backpack and hit the town can be adventurous all on its own. You’ll want to stay away from busy areas, but finding niche neighborhoods with a lot of history and going for a good walk can be enlightening. 
vacation while social distancing
Planning a vacation while social distancing can seem tough, but it isn’t impossible. Pick a location and then see what the local area has to offer. Being outdoors is a great way to see new sites and experience adventure…away from people!

No matter where you choose to go, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find some cool stuff off the beaten path. While many high capacity venues and typical vacation spots are either closed or at extremely reduced attendance capacities, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something great for you and the family this summer. 

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