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Summer Job Ideas to Build Up Your Resume

In June 25, 2018

School is out for the summer and while for some that means long days spent relaxing, for others it means it is time to look for a summer job. Whether you want to take this time to add job experience to your resume or to help your college fund, there are plenty of fun summer jobs out there to help you reach your goal. And keep your chin up because these summer job ideas are fun. Who said you couldn’t like what you do for work? After all, find something you like doing and you’ll never really work a day in your life!

When starting your summer job research, think about what types of activities you like to do and go from there. If you’re looking for a job where you can be social or still enjoy the summer with your best friends, they are out there! If you want to use your summer job as a way to take some time away from large crowds, there are plenty of options there too.

Summer Job Ideas for Social Butterflies

If you love spending time around your friends and peers, getting a summer job that lets you work with others will likely keep you entertained and happy. Here are a few summer job ideas that are perfect for high school and college students who love working with others.

  • Camp Counselor – Have a day camp near you or a sleep away camp that offers room and board for counselors? Apply! This is a great way to have fun all summer long even while you’re working. Most camp counselors are required to be trained in some form of first aid care or to have a CPR certificate so be sure you’ve researched the camp you’ll be applying to this summer. A camp counselor position is a great option for anyone who wants to pursue teaching in their future as you’ll learn firsthand how to manage large groups of people.
  • Retail and or Grocery – Want a job in your local area this summer? Take a look at local businesses or grocery stores near you for dependable scheduling and a nice source of summer income. You’ll get the chance to work around other people and will gain invaluable customer service experience to add on to your resume, too.
  • Go Down the Shore – Getting a summer job at the beach is perfect seasonal work for anyone who won’t be staying once the school year starts back up. From lifeguards to waiters or even carnival booth attendants, there is a job for everyone at the beach! And who can complain about the nice glowing tan you’ll get from a summer spent by the water, right?
  • Childcare – You’re out of school and that means so is everyone else. Not every parent gets to take time from work to spend with their children during the weekdays, so they are always looking for a nanny and or babysitter. You may even find some parents are simply looking for a parent helper to run errands or help with household chores while they spend time with their children. 

Summer Job Ideas for Introverts

Looking for a summer job that lets you get some quality alone time or get away from the summer crowds? There are plenty of job options out there for you to scoop up. Whether you take advantage of the internet and work from home or find a quiet office setting, here are some fun summer job ideas for you.

  • Pet Care – If you love animals and can’t help but boop every snoot you see, make animal care your summer job. You can casually offer pet sitting services to your neighbors or get a little bit more serious with a job at a vets office or shelter. A job with a veterinarian or animal shelter will give you plenty of skills when it comes to general care, training, and basic first aid. And if you think a career with animals may be in your future, getting hands-on experience as soon as you can will only help when it comes time to apply to college or get letters of recommendation!
  • Tech Support – Want to pursue a summer job that lets you be around technology? Go for a tech help job at a local computer store, on your own, or with a bigger company. The best part of a tech support summer job is that you can simply help your friends parents with their computer issues on the side or you can get a part time job at a shop working on all kinds of electronic repairs. You’ll have to do a little bit of customer service, but you’ll also set yourself up to have highly sought after skills to put on your resume too!
  • Tutor – Looking for a rewarding summer job? Why not consider tutoring a younger student during the summer months. Handing out flyers or placing an ad online for your tutoring services will likely result in a job that is rewarding for both you and the person you’re tutoring. Tutoring also looks great on a resume or college application!
  • House Sitter or Maintenance – Have neighbors who go on vacation during the summer or elderly neighbors who could use some help in the yard? Why not offer to watch the house, take care of some household chores, or offer to help with yard work this summer? The work will get you involved with your local community but doesn’t require a fixed schedule or too much socialization. You’ll get the chance to make money and enjoy your summer with this job!

These are just a few summer job ideas to consider for the summer of 2018. You can find more in your local area by visiting your local shops who often post job listings for others in the community or doing a search online for even more options. And keep in mind some employers may require you show your birth certificate, driver’s license, or another form of ID before hiring you. Visit VitalChek to get your vital records and for more helpful tips on how to safely store your important vital records.


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