Summer camps for kids

Summer Camps for Kids

In May 15, 2018

Do you remember your first experience at summer camp? The bonfires and marshmallows on sticks, the bunk beds in log cabins where you would tell ghost stories to your friends after the counselors went to sleep, or how about the long summer days spent swimming in the lake? Summer camps for kids are a great way to keep the kids active while they’re off from school. Not only are the camps fun, they can also help teach social and life skills too! If you’ve already begun researching summer programs for kids, here are a few things to consider in your search.

Involve Your Child in the Process

Not every child loves the idea of going away to summer camp, so it’s important to get your kids involved in the discussion before you make any big decisions. Sit them down and explain all the great experiences they can have at camp, and how much fun it will be. See if they have any concerns, or if they’re afraid of any activity in particular. For example, if you know your child is terrified of the water, it might be a good idea to take this into consideration when choosing the type of camp you want your child to go to.

On the other hand, if your child enjoys a specific activity that’s a great place to start when showing them the different types of summer camps available. Check out the fun video below from GoPro showing kids wearing a helmet camera while taking on a fun lake toy called “The Blob”. Showing your kids fun activities like this before enrolling them in camp can help get them excited about the experience!

Types of Summer Camps for Kids

“Traditional” summer camps, like Adirondack Camp in upstate New York, are extremely popular and for good reason. These types of camps have summer programs for kids that check all the boxes in terms of the typical activities you associate with sleepaway camps, including sleeping in cabins, breaking up the groups by gender and age. Communal eating is another common ritual at a more traditional summer camp for kids as well. These types of camps are well-rounded in terms of activities and are a great choice for most kids.

Science themed summer camps for kids might be a great choice if your child has a specific interest.

If your children have very specific interests and/or hobbies, it might make sense to consider a specialty camp instead. There are a lot of summer programs for kids to choose from! If you haven’t dived right into your search just yet, you might be surprised at all the options you have. A few examples of specialty camps for kids are art, computers, dance, fishing, farming, horseback riding, photography, science, and more. If this idea appeals to you and your child, a few quick searches on Google can reveal a plethora of choices, even for those with a very specific interest!

Time to Enroll!

Once you’ve sorted through the best summer camps on your list and decided where you’d like your child to go, you’re ready to take the next step. The best place to start once you’re ready, is to navigate to the website for the camp of your choosing. This will be the most comprehensive source of information on how to register for camp and the documents you will need to complete the process.

Enrolling your child in summer camps for kids usually involves a little bit of paperwork!

Some camps can be more old-fashioned and require paperwork to be printed out and mailed or faxed back to the camp to enroll. Other camps are more high-tech and use an online registration process directly on the website. Most camp websites will also have updates to let you know if a particular camp is already full. Whichever enrollment style the camp of your choice uses, make sure to read all the documentation available to ensure you have everything you need for your child. Certain summer camps are fairly lax when it comes to paperwork, but others might not be. Birth certificates, for example, might be a requirement as proof of your child’s age. If you have questions as to the types of documentation you’ll need, contact your chosen camp administrator for more information.

Summer camp can easily be one of the most memorable childhood experiences. Once your child is enrolled, you can rest easy knowing they will have a great time and will likely have great stories to tell when they’re back home. If you need any assistance obtaining a birth certificate for summer camp enrollment, VitalChek is here to help. We hope your child has an absolute blast this summer!


  1. My son has made it very clear to me that he wants to go to a cooking camp this summer after he really enjoyed his cooking class in Junior High. As you said, I want to keep him involved in the process of choosing his summer activities, and so it sounds like a specialty camp for cooking is something I’ll have to start looking for. It’s good to know that summer camps have helped so many other kids make social bonds and encourage social behavior, and that really makes me feel better about sending him away to one next summer, because he doesn’t have a lot of friends and I think spending time with kids of similar interests would be great for him.

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  3. Nice Article! Now a days, camps are one of the most important part of kids. Thanks for explanation the types of camps!

    1. Thanks, Jackson. We appreciate your feedback.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article. You pointed out several things that were too close to home. It’s normal for any student to face issues when it comes to there skill, confidence, and self-discipline. Making friends, staying physically fit, and learning the values of leadership are just some of the benefits that my son enjoyed.

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