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Study Abroad Advice From Students

In June 12, 2018

Taking the time to study abroad during your college years is one of the most exciting opportunities out there for college students. Not only will you get the chance to visit another college or university for a broader learning experience, but the memories and friendships made along the way will last a lifetime. Studying abroad opens the door to learning new languages, experiencing new cultures, and taking additional time to travel outside of your study abroad location. If you are on the fence about whether or not a study abroad program might be right for you, there are plenty of resources available to help you make your decision. From tips on how to feel less homesick to personal stories of triumph, here are some of the best pieces of advice from students just like you who took the leap and spent time as an international student.

Most colleges and universities that offer a study abroad program will have students write about their experience on the school’s blog. These are often some of the best resources out there to learn more about any given school’s program and to also get real, first hand advice on a certain study abroad location or just general study abroad tips and tricks.


For the Financially Wary Student

Affordable study abroad program student

Find financially affordable study abroad programs like the one at University of Washington.

Want to study abroad but aren’t sure if you can swing it financially? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that the University of Washington has one of the most affordable study abroad programs. You’ll get to read stories from students who have studied abroad in places like Italy, Korea, Morocco, and more. Read about the great times, how to settle your nerves when you first arrive, what mistakes to avoid, and what activities are a MUST do in each location!


For the Unsure Traveler

Nervous student traveling

Learn from other study abroad students about overcoming fears and homesickness.

Not sure that an entire semester abroad is something you’ll enjoy? Well, you can follow along as these study abroad students from Arcadia University blog throughout their entire semester abroad to see if it would be right for you. You won’t get just a single post summarizing their experience but rather a series documenting the highs and lows that everyone encounters during their study abroad experience. You may also find comfort in knowing Arcadia University is regularly ranked as one of, if not the best study abroad programs.


For the Ivy League Legacy

Harvard University

Study abroad through and at top universities around the world.

Looking to follow in your family’s footsteps by attending the beloved family Alma Mater but still want to make your experience unique? The Harvard College (yes, it is still part of Harvard University) study abroad program might be just what you need to make your experience your own! Read the stories of Harvard students who made the decision to study abroad during their time at the college. You’ll get a firsthand look at a wide variety of students from all backgrounds who ultimately ended up loving their study abroad experience!


For the Ultimate Truth Seeker

Friends during study abroad program

Learn more about study abroad programs through online forums like Reddit.

Want to get the real deal opinions on the best and worst study abroad programs and experiences? Well, Reddit is often known for its candid take on any and every subject, so you can bet the Study Abroad subreddit has valuable information. It will also give you a chance to connect with students or alumni who have studied abroad through programs you’re interested in so you can ask any unanswered questions.


Once you’ve found the right study abroad program, all that is left to do is make sure your personal documents are in order. Many programs may require you to apply for a student visa which must be done prior to the start of your program. In order to apply for a visa, you’ll be required to show proof of citizenship and ID. A birth certificate and or passport will be accepted during your application process. To order a duplicate or replace a birth certificate online, simply head over to VitalChek to start your birth certificate order now!

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