Specialty summer camps for kids

Specialty Summer Camps for Kids

After a long, cold winter and a rainy spring season, it’s hard not to get excited for summer! As a parent, summer might feel like it requires some extra planning if your kids will be off school for a couple of months. Summer camp can be a godsend for parents to get a little down time, while also giving the kids something fun and even educational to do. If you’re looking for general information about traditional summer camps and how to sign your kids up – take a look at our previous blog that has some great information for you. If your child has specific interests, say taking care of farm animals or maybe technology, then specialty summer camps will be right up your alley. Read on for some things you should consider before enrolling and information on some really cool specialty summer camps for inspiration!

Summer camp ideas

Summer camp ideas don’t have to be the typical roasting marshmallows around a campfire!

Before Enrolling

It helps to get organized before getting the enrollment process going! If this is your first time enrolling your child in camp, don’t worry. The list below will help you to get all your ducks in a row while you’re deciding on summer camp ideas. From documentation you might need to planning transportation, let’s dive right in:

  • Which camp?– Specialty summer camps might be a little bit more rare than the traditional sleepaway camps we’ve all seen in the movies. Plan some time to do your research to see what’s available in your area. This can help you to narrow down your options before getting the kids all riled up about their upcoming summer!
  • Discuss the plan with your child– Once you have an idea of what types of camps are out there, sit down with your child or children to see what their thoughts are on the options. You might be surprised at what they choose to do vs. what you’d think their preference would be!
  • Documentation for enrollment– Now that you’re closer to actually enrolling your child for camp, it’s time to see what your camp requires from you and your child. Each camp and/or region will be different. Your best resource will be the camp’s website or to contact the camp administrator who handles the incoming kids. Some of the more common requirements will be copies of your child’s birth certificate and up-to-date medical records, such as proof of vaccinations.

Specialty Summer Camps – What’s Out There?

Are we all done talking about paperwork now? It’s time for the fun stuff! There are a lot of specialty summer camps to choose from, and it would be impossible to cover them all here. Below we’ve included some of our favorites to help inspire you and your children. If you’re interested in one of the summer camp ideas below but are not within the area of that camp, try doing a search in your area for a similar program. On to the summer camp ideas!

Santa Barbara Zoo Camp

This one in particular is actually a program with a few different options depending on your child’s age and interests. Take a look at the list of options here on the Santa Barbara Zoo website. From learning about being a junior veterinarian to a zookeeper, this camp easily made our list of favorites! Check out the video below for a sneak peek of this specialty summer camp:

School of Rock

Are you picturing the movie starring Jack Black from ‘03 yet? Unfortunately this summer camp won’t feature a celebrity as your child’s camp counselor, but that doesn’t make School of Rock any less awesome. This specialty summer camp has multiple locations in NJ and has options for multiple ages. Even adults are welcome! School of Rock even offers programs for other seasons as well.

Unique summer camps

School of Rock is one of many unique summer camps to choose from.

Spy Camp

Camp Lohikan in Lake Como, PA has more than 65 different programs to choose from. We had to share one of our favorites, Spy Camp! Your child will get to practice skills in martial arts, jet ski and ATV driving, code breaking and more. For the kids that are in 5th grade or older, they will get to complete a final exam that is a recon and rescue practice mission. You might be hard pressed to find a child that couldn’t get excited about this one!

Specialty summer camps

How does spy camp sound for summer camp ideas?


David Lindy’s Magicamp has been around since 1989, specializing in teaching kids about magic, juggling, and drama. Learning magic tricks is a great way for your child to practice a fun skill they can use to wow their friends and family! This specialty summer camp is based in Florida. The main company, FunCamps, has a few other options for summer camps in Florida as well. The video below shows some of the cool tricks your child can learn!

Engineering Camp

Does your child prefer science or math? Engineering for Kids has several locations across the US that offer summer camps, after school programs, and more. Your child has a lot of options within one of these programs, ranging from aerospace to marine engineering. One of the CA locations features a class where students get to work with LEGO robots and program them to do various things. How cool is that?!

LEGO robots at summer camp

Children interested in science have options at specialty summer camps too.

We hope the above ideas helped inspire you and your children. Whichever camp you end up choosing, your child should have a lot of fun and give you a nice break to enjoy your summer too. If you need any assistance with vital records for enrolling your child in camp, VitalChek can help. Have a fantastic summer!

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