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School Registration – How Do I Get Started?

Can you believe that it’s already time for school registration? While some parts of the country may feel like classes just wrapped for summer, in many other parts, registration for the new school year is underway. Whether you’ve recently moved, are changing school districts, or need to show proof of age annually (some school systems may require this), it’s always a good idea to get a head start on school registration so that you can have all the necessary documents in order. From preschool through high school, getting school registration out of the way is the first step to a successful school year for your child!

Research shows when children are enrolled in a well-established preschool program they often excel through all education levels and later on in life. Children are accepted into pre-school programs starting at age 3 which means that parents of young children will want to start registering their young ones very soon! If you’ll be registering your kids for school for the first time this year, it is important to be prepared with the required documents. You’ll want to be prepared with everything from birth certificates to health records, which means you’ll likely want to start preparing for school registration a few weeks in advance. Here are the basics you’ll need to know about school registration before you start the process.

What documents will you need for school registration?

While it may vary by state and by public or private school, most registration events require you to have documents that act as proof of your child’s age, proof of address, proof of legal guardianship, and immunization records. Some schools may also require a formal application. These documents are often required for a child entering any level of education, including pre-school.

Examples of acceptable proof of age and legal guardianship documents are:

  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption record
  • Hospital birth record
  • Passport

Examples of acceptable proof of address documents are:

  • Driver’s license
  • Rent or mortgage statement
  • Utility bill

Where can I get all of these documents for my child’s school registration?

If you need help obtaining some of these documents, there are a few great resources to assist you. You can obtain a replacement birth certificate through VitalChek, while other important documents can easily be obtained with a simple phone call or in-person visit to the appropriate office.

  • If you need proof of your address you can print out your lease, rent statement, or mortgage statement at home. Your mailed utility bills will also act as an acceptable proof of residency. If you go paperless for utilities, simply print out your current statement which must display your home address in full.
  • To obtain health records and immunization records, give your pediatrician a call and ask about their process for either sending or letting you pick up these records in person. You may find that you need to have a more recent health record to supply at the time of school registration, so be sure to book any required health checkups with the doctor too!
  • School application forms can be found either on the school website or by giving your school district a call. They will be able to help you get the right documents to fill out and bring to the registration event.

Registering your child for school is easy when you have all of the documents ready. The hardest part will be watching your little one grow up so quickly and run off to their first day of school! For any questions about state or school specific registration requirements, either call your school district directly or so a simple online search. In the meantime, we’ll help you prepare your replacement birth certificate and have it on its way to you!


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    can u please assist me of any steps to take in order to change my school certificates

    1. Hello Lerato. Thank for reaching out. We suggest you contact your school for any assistance you may need with your certificates. We wish you the best.

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