the benefits of afterschool programs

After School Programs for Students

Maybe you’re a working parent with limited access to childcare, or perhaps you’re more interested in finding stimulating and fun programs to keep your kids engaged once the bell rings and school lets out for the day. Regardless of  your reasoning, quality afterschool programs are a great social supplement to the educational setting your kids’ school provides. Afterschool activities for kids happen to be a great way to assist students in picking up where the classroom leaves off. They build upon the social, academic and professional skills they’re putting to use with classmates, while giving them something fun to do when parents are still at work.


afterschool activities for kids

Afterschool activities for kids can include things like science workshops, agricultural or nature groups, crafting, math and art classes

The Benefits of Afterschool Activities for Kids

Finding the perfect afterschool programs can be easy. Sports is a perennial favorite, but if sports isn’t your kids’ cup of tea, you have plenty of options these days. From engineering and science workshops to community activities and applied math or labor skill programs, the chances you’ll find something to pique the interest of your young student is pretty good. Getting young kids involved in afterschool programs not only keeps their minds engaged, but also helps to lower dropout rates in high school students. Other benefits include better math and reading scores, reduced drug use, and promotion of healthy eating and exercise habits.  


Organizations like 4-H, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are a few great places to start, but the list is endless. Agriculture, science, reading, music, crafts, nature and health programs are available nationwide. With opportunities to participate just a few days a week, or even on weekends, afterschool programs can fit your unique needs. They can even turn into summer programs as well! No matter what, the benefits of afterschool activities for kids are worth the extra running around and time it’ll take to get them enrolled and involved.


afterschool program options

Afterschool programs are a great resource to continue your child’s day to day education while offering quality childcare options until parents get out of work.

How Do I Find Afterschool Programs Near Me?

From preschool all the way through high school, afterschool programs are available to suit a variety of schedules and interests. If you’re looking to find a program near you that’s suited for your student, start by checking with your child’s school. You can also check out and the Afterschool Alliance to learn about opportunities in your area.


What Do I Need to Enroll My Kids in Afterschool Activities?

With the school year underway (or about to be) across the country, you already gathered everything you need to get your kids enrolled and ready for school. Often, afterschool programs will require the same or similar paperwork to enroll, so hang on to your child’s important vital paperwork and be sure to keep an additional certified copy of their birth certificate on hand for activity opportunities that arise. For extra copies of your kids’ birth certificates, visit for the fastest and most secure way to order online.


We hope your kids are off to a great school year!

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