Rescheduling Events and Weddings Due to Coronavirus

From birthday parties to family vacations, conventions, amusement parks and even weddings – the current climate around the globe is putting social events like these on hold. While social distancing is at the forefront of our thoughts, it’s not easy to postpone or cancel some of these big life events. For some, delaying trips or events may not be a huge deal. After all, airlines and other travel avenues have changed their policies to help individuals plan for the future. But what if rescheduling a wedding is important to you or your loved ones? It’s possible that rescheduling is the best plan of action, but in some cases, couples or families have decided to change up the game plan altogether. 

Rescheduling Weddings and Events Due to Coronavirus

Depending on what your plans were, you may be surprised to learn that because of the current pandemic, many venues, lodging locations, travel companies, airlines, etc., are trying their best to be accommodating. This may mean credit for future flights, a change in cancellation policies, rescheduling opportunities and more. In many cases, airlines will not allow you to get a refund unless you’d purchased insurance before the crisis. However, you should definitely contact any companies who sold you travel-related tickets to determine if they’ll assist you with a refund or not. 

Even major cruise lines have adapted to people’s need for changing event dates due to coronavirus. If you happened to purchase a package deal, inquire about opportunities to change dates on lodging and transportation. You may be surprised to learn that many agencies are doing their best to accommodate tourists and travelers. 

Should I Reschedule My Wedding?

To best adhere to guidelines for social distancing and isolation protocols, whether established by your venue or the local government, you’ll want to make sure gatherings are allowed at this time. If not – don’t fret! If the wedding date itself is important to you, you always have the opportunity to head to the courthouse and get legally married. Planning an amazing ceremony and reception farther in the future can still hold the importance and great memories at a time when your loved ones can help you celebrate. Just make sure you have all the necessary documents you need when heading to the courthouse. If you plan to change your name right away, be sure you have an official copy of your birth certificate on hand as well as your marriage certificate.

reschedule my wedding due to coronavirus
Do I need to reschedule my wedding due to coronavirus? It’s probably a good idea if your wedding isn’t in late fall.

If deposits, costs and availability are on your mind, just make sure you’re as flexible as your vendors and planners. While postponing your big day to later in the year might seem ideal – remember, you’re not the only one in this predicament. Also, keep in mind that venues may have events already planned later this year, So you may have to be flexible when rescheduling dates.

Another great idea to help ease the disappointment of being unable to hold events or weddings during coronavirus is to celebrate as best you can now. If that means a group video call on a platform like zoom or even Facebook in order to celebrate, laugh, joke, and share memories then make it happen! Make sure you let your guests know as soon as possible what your new plan is and they will no doubt be accommodating!

changing event dates due to coronavirus
Changing event dates due to coronavirus may be a must, but rescheduling doesn’ have to be a nightmare.

We know there might be a lot of disappointment since a lot of planning and hard work that went into whatever big or meaningful event you had planned. Hopefully the end of our current situation is in sight and we can go back to planning those great trips, enjoying memories with loved ones, and seeing the world. Until then, just be persistent and keep up great communication with those involved in any event or vacation you had planned. Being flexible and accommodating might just help make the transition and rescheduling a bit easier. 

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