Required Documents for International College Student Athletes

You’ve done it! You’re off to start the next leg of your journey. If you’re like many students, you’re looking for the very best opportunity you can find to help leverage your success in life. As an international student, if you are in a sports program or were recruited and given an athletic scholarship, you may be asking yourself what academic documents are required for an international college athlete.

The vetting process is a bit lengthy, but we have some tips for international student athletes looking to enter programs here in the U.S.

  • Register with the NCAA eligibility center as soon as possible to ensure you’ve got all the necessary documentation you need, and that you’re following the correct process to keep you on track.
  • Acquire your academic records from year 9 and up. Your records must be in your native language but translated into English. Your translator must provide proper documentation explaining their qualifications as a translator. If you are unable to obtain certified copies of your transcripts from your school, you’ll need to have them translated using the proper steps.
  • The required documentation for international student athletes includes proof of your graduation. You must be able to provide documentation showing you completed upper-secondary or pre-university schooling. This is sometimes called a leaving exam, a record of learning or a maturity certificate among other things, but the document should state the official type of diploma and when it was issued to you. A certified copy will be your best choice for this type of document.
  • You will need a student visa, so make sure you’ve researched the requirements for you to obtain and meet any eligibility needs tied to your particular visa. You’ll need to apply with plenty of time to spare and you’ll be required to submit applications, documentation, and fees for your visa when the time comes.
  • Other required documents for international college student athletes will be your test scores. You must submit your test scores along with your other academic records. You will be required to take the ACT or SAT prior to enrolling in college, but to be eligible for a student athlete slot, you’ll need to provide those scores to the NCAA as well.

The most important thing to consider on your road to the U.S is that you’re here to excel! You’ll have brand new experiences at your fingertips all while submerging yourself in an exciting new culture. While the task of gathering all of your important documents may be a daunting one, it’ll be worth it in the end. Check out some more tips on what you may want to bring with you when you come!

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