How do I become a Little League Umpire

Registering to be a Little League Umpire FAQs

In May 16, 2017

If you have young kids, summer sports are about to get into full swing. In preparation for the summer, you’ve probably already done your homework on Little League teams, regions, season duration, registration and age requirements for your little ones. A different aspect of summer sports programs however, might pique your interest. What if you’d like to spend your time this summer helping out as a Little League umpire? Whether you have kids in the program or you’re a retired ball player looking for something to pass the summer months, becoming an umpire for Little League might be the perfect opportunity for you.


Little League Umpire

Are you thinking about becoming an umpire for Little League? We’ve got some answers to frequently asked questions to get you started.

How do I Become a Little League Umpire?

If you’ve decided you’d like to help out in your local community by becoming an umpire for Little League, there are a few things you’ll need to know in order to apply and be appointed to an ump position. We’ve got a few frequently asked questions that should help you on your journey to becoming a full participant in the kid’s version of America’s favorite past time!


Frequently asked questions about becoming a Little League umpire:

Q: Do I have to have previous umpire experience to become a Little League umpire?

A: While it is always a benefit to have previous experience, it is not always a requirement. Many umpires are previous players or fans who simply wish to be a part in teaching  youngsters to enjoy the game. To be prepared, most Parks and Recreation departments and the Little League organization host umpire training courses to teach you the ins and outs of the game. Be sure to check with your local league to learn about any previous experience requirements.

Q: What is the application process like to become an umpire for Little League?

A: To apply to become a Little League umpire, start with their online umpire registry. You will be required to provide the league with a government issued photo ID. This includes Driver’s Licenses, Passports or ID cards. If you are in need of replacing any of these forms of ID, you should start by ensuring you have the required vital documents needed to obtain those photo IDs. You will be required to pass a federal background check during your registration process.

Little League umpire

If you’re looking for ways to stay involved in baseball while helping out your local community, becoming a Little League umpire might be the perfect opportunity for you!


Q: What are the fees associated with registering, and is being a Little League umpire a paid position?

A: If you’re mailing in your application form, be sure to attach a $30 check for registration fees. If you plan on registering online, your fee is only $25. When it comes to compensation for your time, the amount you’ll be paid varies from league to league. You have the option to volunteer your time and umpire free of charge. On average, paid umpire positions make anywhere from $25-$50 per Little League games. Be sure to check with your local league to learn more about the positions available.

Q: What equipment do I need and is it provided by the league?

A: Most leagues provide umpires with all the equipment they will need; face masks, shirts, hats, guards, bags, brushes and other protective equipment. You will likely need to supply your own umpire pants. However, most leagues allow the use of personal equipment.

Q: Do I need insurance to work as a Little League umpire?

A: If you are volunteering your time, you will be covered as a volunteer Little League umpire under the league’s insurance. If you are being compensated for your time, you are viewed by the league as an independent contractor and will be required to carry your own insurance to work League games.


Hopefully now you’re all set and ready to get involved in your local youth sports programs. The application process is fairly easy and you’ll have the opportunity to share your love of baseball with youngsters in your community.

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