reasons to use a travel agent

Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

As the travel industry looks to resume operations after the global pandemic, Americans are itching to head back overseas. Whether you’ve had to cancel your travel plans altogether, or you’ve merely postponed them until travel is safe again, you should start to see opportunities open back up. A majority of Americans do all of their own travel booking, even if they aren’t avid and experienced travelers, and most don’t  consider the pros of working with a travel agent during their vacation planning endeavors. So, what are the benefits of using a travel agent as opposed to doing it all yourself? Read on to learn more about some of the perks a travel agent can provide.

Reasons to Use a Travel Agent – One-Stop Travel Planning

There are many reasons to use a travel agent and not all of them are about great deals! Travel agents generally work on a commission basis with hotels and travel opportunities around the globe which is great news if you’re worried about incurring additional charges while for utilizing their services. Below we examine some of the benefits of working with a travel agent  so you have a truly memorable vacation!

  • Their input is invaluable – No matter how much you’ve traveled, you probably don’t have as much insight as an experienced travel agent. Well-established professional agents pour their hearts into finding you the best deals and experiences. They know sites off the beaten path and they can help add events and stops to your itinerary that you may not even know existed. Their networking in their industry may also help connect you to opportunities you thought were completely out of reach  such as visiting your bucket list destination or staying at that gorgeous inn you saw on Instagram. A well-seasoned agent may even have VIP connections that can help you land those breathtaking outings and cultural experiences you’ve always wanted to experience.
  • They’re the experts – Another great reason to book with a travel agent is to utilize their years of experience to your advantage. They can assist you with application questions, like how to obtain certified copies of your birth certificate for your passport application, as well as what the proper steps are to obtain any travel visas you may need. 

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  • They’ll advocate for you – For some people, this is the number one reason to use a travel agent. Having someone back home who can assist you in the event of lost luggage or other travel emergencies can truly be a lifesaver. Your agent’s job is to take care of you and to look out for your best interest. If you experience a hiccup in your travel itinerary or a medical emergency, having an agent on your side can be a huge relief. 
  • Great deals – Sure, Google is great, and you can definitely find some great deals on, but a travel agent knows the industry inside and out. They have access to great industry tools to help you get the most for your money. Working with an agent to help book your dream vacation may save you more than just a few bucks.
  • The small details – Whether you’re going all out, or you’re planning a more modest excursion, your travel agent can really help personalize your experience and ensure your trip is a memorable one. Using their expertise, they can sometimes get you room upgrades free of charge, and may even land some special occasion gifts or reservations to help celebrate your long awaited vacation.

When you’re planning your next international trip with or without an agent, make sure you have your travel documents ready to go. From Real ID to passports and more, having the necessary paperwork prepared before you plan your trip and schedule the dates can be a real timesaver in the long run. Need a copy of your birth certificate to apply for current travel documents? VitalChek can help.

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