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Packing Light for Winter Travel | Heavy Snow & Light Suitcases

Packing light for winter travel can be a challenge. Fitting everything into a carry-on bag is easy when you’re taking a summer vacation. All you need is a couple of sundresses, a pair of shorts and sandals. Now, swap those out for sweaters, bulky boots, and winter sports gear and your bag might look smaller than it did back in July.

Don’t give up yet. You can still pack all your winter essentials into your  carry-on luggage so you can enjoy the snow upon arrival. Read on for tips on how to pack for winter vacation, the best cold weather travel clothes, and what to do with bulky winter sports gear.

  • Make a checklist. Start out by creating a checklist of all the items you plan on packing so you can figure out which is more important. Leave out anything that really isn’t necessary. Rather than planning outfits by the day, try planning them out by the week. The last thing you want to do is over pack. You can always wash your clothes and wear them again.  
  • Choose non-bulky items. When packing clothes for travel, don’t bring bulky coats that will just take up space in your bag. Instead, pack a variety of thinner clothing that can be mixed and matched. This way, you can layer your clothes to keep you warm. Instead of a chunky knit scarf, pack a jersey one. Trade in the big slouchy sweater for a more fitted one. To add variety to your wardrobe, think small. You can add style with accessories such as beanies or scarves. Spice up your outfit with lighter layers such as t-shirts under a cardigan or a mini skirt over a pair of thick wool leggings.
Packing just the essentials will provide you with everything you need while managing to keep your carry on lightweight. 
  • Wear your heaviest pieces on the plane. For those must-have pieces that keep you warm but are a little on the heavier side – wear it on the plane! That way you will have more room in your carry on for all the other things you need. Anything along the lines of winter boots or big jackets should be worn on the plane. 
  • Use light travel bags. There’s no point in packing light if your luggage bags weighs a ton. Use lightweight luggage that won’t weigh you down such as the light yet durable Pacsafe weekender bag. It’s perfect if you want luggage that’s easy to tow around.
  • Use compression sacks. Although it’s best to avoid packing bulky layers, sometimes it’s not possible. And even when you do manage to pack the least bulky outfits, clothes still take up a decent amount of room in your bag. To help create more space, consider using compression bags
  • Pack travel-sized toiletries. If you plan on going for a short winter getaway, you don’t need to bring a big bottle of soap and shampoo. Bringing travel-size bath care products will save you space so that you can bring more thermal underwear and socks to stay warm. You can also bring travel-sized detergent so that you can soak your clothes, incase you are unable to find a laundromat at the destination you’re heading to. 
  • Traveling with winter sports gear. When it comes to your sports gear, you have one of three options. You either bring it with you (be sure to check with your airline’s policy on sports gear. You will most likely have to check it), rent equipment at your destination, or ship it using a service such as Ship Ski. Ship Ski will pick up and deliver your sports gear to your desired destination making it easier for you to travel light!

Packing light in the winter might seem like its impossible, but it can be done. There’s no need to check a bag just because you have a coat and a couple of sweaters — you just need to put thought into what you bring and how you pack it. 

The best clothes for winter travel are:

For more winter packing tips, check out this video. When you’re packed up and ready for your winter adventure, make sure you have everything you need on hand including an updated passport. VitalChek can provide you with copies of certified documents quickly and securely. 

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