vital records for kids after divorce

Obtaining Vital Records for Kids After Divorce or Separation

Regardless of how a couple chooses to separate, sometimes amicable divorce or separation simply isn’t an option. While it’s never easy when two people choose to part ways, it can sometimes be even more difficult when there are children involved. No matter the reason for the split, when there are children involved, custody and other arrangements must be made and can often be complicated. When it comes to tense or less agreeable separations or divorce, things like custody arrangements and responsibilities like health-related bills and school registration may require legal counsel to arrange. One of the more sensitive subjects that may impact a variety of scenarios can be how to obtain vital records for kids after a divorce. When couples separate, access to these documents for legal guardians may difficult if one or both parents or guardians refuses to freely provide these documents for important life events involving the child. If all goes as planned, these vital records should stay with the parent that the child or children reside with to make these matters easier. If that isn’t the case, however, additional copies may need to be obtained. 

How to Obtain Vital Records for Kids After a Divorce

When couples separate on good terms, it makes everything much simpler and issues like how to obtain vital records for the children involved are made easier. If the proper steps were taken to obtain your new baby’s birth certificate and social security card from the get-go, and both parents are amicable and working together, these documents will be readily available to both parents. If terms of the divorce or separation are not amicable, or there is a court-ordered no-contact agreement in place, things can get tricky. In the event that one parent has possession of the child’s vital records and you need them for things like school registration or enrollment in health benefits or other important processes, don’t fret. There are several ways to obtain these important documents for the child whose legal custody or guardianship you may have. 

obtaining your children's vital records after separation
In the unfortunate event that you and your spouse or partner decide to separate or divorce, custody and other important matters will likely need to be decided upon in court. In some cases, parting ways is amicable. If that’s not the case for you, obtaining your children’s vital records after separation may be difficult.

If there is a no-contact order in place, you can attempt to utilize the court system or your legal counsel to reach out to the other party and request these documents. If the no contact order is in place due to a restraining order, it may be best to abandon this avenue for the sake of keeping you and your child(ren) safe. If this is the case, and as long as you have court-ordered sole or temporary custody of your child(ren), you can obtain these documents yourself. To obtain a certified copy of their birth certificate, you can contact the vital records office closest to where your child was born and request a certified copy. If you don’t live local to where your child or children were born, you can utilize services like You’ll be asked a series of questions to verify you are their legal guardian, and you’ll pay a minimal fee. Once you’ve completed this application, your child’s birth certificate will be mailed directly to you.

When it comes to obtaining your child’s social security card, you have a few options. First, it’s common that the only thing you need their social security card for is the number itself. If this is the case, any tax returns you’ve filed previously will have that information. You can request copies of previous year’s filings through the IRS here. If you are unable to retrieve that information, you can apply for a replacement card for a minor by following the steps on the Social Security website by visiting here

No matter the reason for your divorce or separation, we hope you and your partner can find an amicable solution. For more help on how to navigate the muddy terrain that is divorce or separation, check out our blog here


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