New Year's Travel Resolutions

New Years Travel Resolutions To Get Excited About

The first of January is just around the corner…you’re ready to ring in the new year, right? You’ve settled up with holiday cheer, family, friends and prepared for all the great opportunities the new year will bring. When the new year turns over, many people make new year’s resolutions to better themselves. Whether they focus on better health, financial stability or even learning something new, it’s a common commitment that sometimes seems hard to stick with. Even though it’s been found that deciding on a new year’s resolution is great for our mental health, it can be a bummer if we don’t actually see it through. Whether you roll in to every new year with a resolution or this is your first attempt, it’s important to find resolutions that are attainable and are reasonably thought out. If you’re looking for a new and exciting resolution idea for this year, you might consider putting together a list of new year’s travel resolutions. We’ve put together a few fun ideas to help make a new year’s travel wish list for you in 2019!

New Year’s Travel Resolutions

  • Travel alone – Not only is it usually more fun to travel with someone, it might be more cost effective. Sightseeing, sharing lodging and transportation, among other things make traveling with a companion more comfortable. But if you broaden your horizons and head on a solo adventure, you might be surprised at how different your experience may be. 
Solo travel for New Year's Resolution
For your travel new year’s resolution, consider planning a solo trip.
  • Do your best to learn the language – Not only will your efforts be well received by the locals that call your destination home, but also you’ll open the door to a much more enriching experience. Even simple phrases that can help you find food, see a show, pin down transportation or get you around town will help a ton on your vacation.
  • Plan a trip around relatives – For some, tracing your roots all the way back to a foreign location is a reality. In some cases, you may even have constant contact with them. What better way to cross an item off your new year’s travel resolutions checklist than to head off to the land of your family tree! 
  • Brush up on a skill that will help document your travel – If you think you’d like to pick up a nice camera and take it on your adventures, a photography class before your trip might be a great way to improve your photos. Or maybe a writing class if you’d like to journal your experiences. 
Try taking a class as one of your New Year's Travel Resolutions
Take a photography class or maybe an art class to help you document your vacation.
  • Use up ALL of your vacation time – We live in a world that prioritizes work and the busy hustle over taking time off and enjoying all those paid benefits. If you’re like many people, fitting in a vacation is sometimes difficult. Add using up all of your paid time off to your travel wish list, and make it happen.
  • Don’t always take the easy route – If you’re used to traveling in a well-organized fashion, strict itineraries and scheduled events, try sitting back and seeing where your feet take you. Throw on a backpack and trek your way through Europe, travel by train, find hotels or lodging as you go. It can be exhilarating and exciting.
Backpacking on vacation travel resolutions
Backpacking through your destination country, sleeping in hostels, or even just taking your day as it comes are great ways to shake off the feeling of an over-organized trip.
  • Have more experiences – While it’s always great to see the region’s greatest sights, you may want to consider getting a little more involved in the culture or activities the area is known for. Take classes like wine making, or skydiving, fishing or crafting, to immerse yourself in the locale and gain get a real feel for your vacation spot.
  • Travel to a festival – Maybe this item can cross an item off your bucket list too. With thousands of festivals and events happening worldwide, find one and get there! Whatever your interest, there’s a festival out there for you. 
Travel wish list
Planning a trip around a specific festival or cultural event would be a great addition to a new year’s travel resolution list.

With a new year’s resolution list that involves the fun and excitement of world travel, maybe it’ll be a little more enticing to stick to. To help your new year’s travel resolutions get off on the right foot, make sure you’ve looked into travel document requirements for wherever you’re headed. Don’t forget you’ll want to start with a passport if you don’t already have one. If you need a certified copy of your birth certificate to get your passport application started, VitalChek can help. Good luck on your travel resolutions next year, we know you can do it!

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