tips for traveling with a baby

Need-To-Know Tips For Traveling With a Baby

Ask 10 parents who have traveled with an infant what to expect and you will likely get 10 different answers. Some babies will sleep the whole time and wake up when they arrive; others cry the entire trip and drive the entire family batty. No matter how well behaved a baby is or isn’t, the trip will be more enjoyable for everyone if you make careful plans and follow these “need-to-know” tips for traveling with a baby.

  • Pack Smarter, Not Bigger – One of the biggest mistakes many first-time parents make when they take a baby on a major trip is over packing. While you do want to bring plenty, do not go crazy. Remember, you could always buy extra diapers or a change of clothes at your destination if necessary.
  • Watch for Germs – Before you leave on your journey, make sure your baby is up to date with vaccinations. Additionally, take a few extra precautions when it comes to staying healthy on the road. This may mean taking time to wash your hands more often or cleaning your car with antibacterial wipes in the middle of the trip. This can help prevent an illness that would put a major damper on your family’s good time.
  • Change Your Thinking – Traveling with a baby is very different from traveling by yourself or even with an older child. Remember that everything will take longer than it would otherwise and that your once-clean car may be littered with wipes, snacks and toys. Most parents will say that even though travel may never be the same, it is can still be very enjoyable.
  • Look at Rentals – If you are traveling by plane, renting some of your baby gear at your destination can be a way to save energy, effort and even money. Some airlines charge so much to stow your gear during flight that it is actually more economical to rent a stroller or car seat once you arrive. Look into the options at your final destination.
  • Simplify – While you may want to do everything you possibly can during your travels, when you are traveling with a baby that isn’t always possible. One of the most important tips for traveling with a baby we have is to simplify your itinerary and you will likely have a more enjoyable trip as well as one that isn’t nearly as stressful.
  • Prove It – Many airlines will allow a baby to ride for free on your lap, but you may have to provide proof of their age. Make sure you bring a certified copy of the birth certificate to do this. It may also come in handy if you find yourself needing to visit a local doctor on your trip.

While traveling with a baby may be a bit nerve-wracking, it may not be as bad as you imagine. Just make sure you plan for the worst and appreciate the quiet moments. Before you know it, he or she will be old enough to ask for bathroom breaks every half hour and fill the time by asking, “are we there yet?” Maybe then it’ll be time to plan a big international adventure and bring the kiddos along!



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