Most Popular Wedding Months

In May 26, 2016

If you just recently got engaged, you are probably already starting to plan your wedding day. The most important part of planning your wedding, is picking the actual day itself. Finding the right day may come down to an important day to you and your fiancé or it may come down to a date that gives you enough time to plan your big day. Some months are more popular than others for weddings, which can help you determine when to plan your wedding. Here are the most popular months for wedding days.

Most Popular Wedding Months:

  1. June
  2. August
  3. September
  4. October

The warmer months tend to be the most popular wedding months. This means if you want to plan a summer wedding, you will need to plan ahead to give yourself and your guests enough time to accommodate. Chances are, booking your dream venue will require at least a year’s notice to get a summer wedding date. Your guests will also be getting invitations to other summer weddings – the sooner they know about your wedding, the sooner they can book time-off or travel arrangements. Because summer months and early fall months are the most popular months to get married, you will also find that wedding venues are often more expensive than in the off-months. The least popular wedding month is January, which may be perfect if you are planning a wedding on a tight budget. Many wedding venues will offer a discount if you rent during their least popular wedding months.

Once you know what month you would like you get married in, you can start to plan the rest of your wedding. One important step you must also plan out is applying for your marriage license. You and your fiancé will need to be present with proof of identity to apply for and receive a marriage license. The time it takes to apply for and receive the license will vary by state. However, most licenses are valid for at least 30 days, meaning you will have to be married within that time. If you or a spouse needs a birth certificate to show proof of identity to apply for the license, you can easily order a government certified copy from VitalChek. Once you have all of your important wedding documents in order, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day!

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