Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions and How to Keep Them

In January 4, 2016

As one year ends and another begins, many people start thinking about what they would like to accomplish in the New Year. You and your friends may already have your 2016 New Year’s resolutions already worked out. They may vary from serious New Year’s resolutions to Funny New Year’s resolutions ideas, regardless writing them down can help you actually accomplish them in 2016. If you haven’t started planning out your resolution ideas yet, now is a perfect time to reflect on 2015. What would you like to do differently in 2016? Is there a place you’ve always wanted to visit or a big purchase you’ve wanted to start saving up for? If you are in need of some New Year’s resolutions ideas, here is a list of the most common ideas that make it onto peoples lists.

  • Create a budget to help save money. Have something you would like to save up for? Making a budget to figure out what bills you have to pay versus how much money you make per pay period can be extremely useful. Once you know how much money you have after your bills, you can start to work on a budget for groceries, hobbies, luxuries, and saving. Start putting away your savings in an account and watch your money continue to grow each month.
  • Lose weight. Did you know that most gyms have about a 50% surge in memberships during January? Many people want to take on the New Year with a new sense of confidence and a new figure. This resolution is also one of the hardest resolutions to keep. As it normally takes about 3 months to see results of starting a few fitness regimens, many people get frustrated at not seeing results fast enough and quit. If you want to make sure this resolution gets completed in 2016, find a fitness class or a trainer you like that makes your fitness fun, not miserable. This way, you can stick to your plan!
  • Travel to a new place or a place they’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe this year you want to make it out to Colorado to see old friends, or perhaps you want to backpack throughout Europe for a month. Start planning out your trip now to make it a reality. Traveling often requires proper documentation and proof of identity, which can take time to replace if you do not have these readily available. You will also want to plan out any time off from work, your budget for travel, and where you will be staying. Planning your trip out now will help you actually achieve it this year!
  • Learn a new language or skill. Many people want to become bilingual, but taking the time to learn a language as an adult can feel almost impossible. The best part is you can normally find language classes at local community centers or can purchase a program such as Rosetta Stone. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance, drive stick shift, or how to train a dog, now is the time! Check out your community center, local businesses, or search online to see where you can find a class for what you would like to learn!

These are just a few of the most popular New Year’s resolutions that people hope to complete. We would love to hear some of your New Year’s resolutions and how you plan on keeping them! Leave a comment and let us know your plan for becoming a better version of you in 2016!

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