Micro Wedding Inspiration

Many people dream of their wedding from the time they were tiny young kiddos – from extravagant fancy events to the colors they choose, all the way to what their wedding party will wear and more. But times are changing, and so are trends in wedding planning. While some people are really into retreat or destination weddings, others are going for bougie and intimate or rustic – a popular new way to plan a wedding is the micro wedding! What exactly is a micro wedding you ask? You know the answer! It’s exactly what it sounds like…a fun, tiny wedding that’s minimalist and incredibly intimate. We’ve got some fun micro wedding inspiration for you here!

What is a micro wedding?

Unlike eloping, a micro wedding actually has a guest list and is a planned event that usually consists of the ceremony and a reception. An elopement generally implies that the marriage was done in a hurry, and without many people knowing.  It usually consists of the couple tying the knot and a witness, with the chance for a very small wedding party of only a handful of people or less. A micro wedding is usually a bit larger, and a bit more announced and planned. 

tiny wedding

Having a tiny wedding can save you on stress, money, and can help make your special day even more amazing.

You might think that less guests mean less cost, and while that will most likely be the case, it’s pretty common for the cost per guest at micro weddings to be a bit higher than that of a traditional wedding with a higher guest count. The reason for this being that those who want to put together the details for a tiny wedding are looking to really maximize their guests’ experience. By personalizing through the tiny details like decorations and locations, they sometimes provide a more extravagant menu and may offer their guests more personalized wedding favors and the like. 

Tiny wedding inspiration – fun ideas to consider.

For many engaged couples, throwing a micro wedding is a great way to bring their closest friends and family together. You can splurge on fine dining and craft cocktails themed after your ceremony and reception ideas. You may also be able to spend a bit more on bougie decorations, or you might be considering a destination tiny wedding where your guests can pay an all-inclusive cost for transportation and dining. This can also help wrap up the cost of your wedding and event planning by allowing a resort or event planner to handle the details. 

But what if you want to handle the planning yourself? A DIY micro wedding is totally manageable, and we’ve got a few great things to consider when it comes to planning for your fun (but micro) special day!

  • Don’t give up on your tiny wedding dream – Sometimes it seems easier to just head down to the courthouse and get hitched. But don’t! If you want to have an intimate wedding with loved ones, just make sure you give yourself time to plan and save.
  • Pick the perfect spot – To some this may be the number one most important thing. Find the perfect spot to host your tiny wedding – if you need to get a permit to hold an event in a national park, or you need to secure your uncle’s rustic barn – secure that and let the ideas flow!
  • Food options are endless…really – With a micro wedding you can do family style potluck – or if you are fancy, enlist the help of your wedding party to man the grill, the kitchen, and even the cocktails! Micro weddings are all about having a good time with the ones you love. Less guests mean more time to mingle.
micro wedding inspiration
micro wedding inspiration will start to flow when you decide to go small! Quality over quantity, right?

Theme it up! – Micro weddings make the perfect atmosphere for themes. Harry Potter? Check. Star Wars? For sure! It’s easier to ask people to get in the spirit when it’s more intimate. 

Time of year – When it comes to planning, outdoor spaces are easier to hold a wedding in than actual rented venues. So time of year may be important. Holding your wedding in a park will cost you less than at a wedding venue. Same goes for time of day. An evening wedding in spring may be a problem if you’ve hired a photographer who’s an amatuer…or maybe your cousin wants to give you wedding photos – consider these things when deciding on your micro wedding. 

Create the perfect vibe – If you’re saving on venue, food, and even entertainment, you might be able to put more time into creating decorations and favors. If you’re creating an intimate space for 25 people instead of 200, you need a fraction of the centerpieces and other fun things to help make your special day truly yours. 

At the end of the day, a micro wedding is meant to help simplify and focus on your closest loved ones. But it can also open the door to pouring your heart into making it the perfect experience without all the trouble and stress that can go into a big wedding. There are few ways to go about getting married officially, including using an officiant or even getting married at the courthouse before your ceremony, so be sure you make the choice that best fits your wedding! When all is said and done, we hope your day is amazing!


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