Little League Registration: What You Need to Know for 2016

The 2016 season of Little League is finally getting started, and if you have a son or daughter at home who is ready to participate in softball or baseball, there are a few things you need to know. Little league registration requirements follow strict guidelines to ensure that age groups are balanced and even all throughout the league. These regulations prevent older kids from playing against younger kids so the skill levels are equal across the board. At the time of registration, you must provide official documentation issued by the federal, state or provincial government from which your little leaguer is from. A certified birth certificate is a good form of ID and date of birth when looking to enroll your child in either softball or baseball. Because age is so important in these sports, children are split up to play against other children of the same age. If you’re curious to learn what age division your child will play in you can use the Little League Age Calculator.

As well as age, little league also has proof of residency requirements. Little leaguers must enlist in a league based on their residency or child’s school location. The Little League Baseball and Softball organization has a League Finding tool to help you locate what league your child should be enrolled with. When filing your child’s registration you must have 3 forms of proof. Verification requirements Little League will want to see from you to prove residency can include your Driver’s License, Insurance documents, medical records, employment records or utility bills to name a few. Regardless of what proof of residency documentation you choose to bring, you are required to follow the League’s rules regarding the dates these documents are valid. In order to be used as proof of residency, any proof you bring must be dated from February 1, 2015 and February 1, 2016. Another way to choose a league is based on the location of your child’s school. If you are utilizing this means of location to register your child in baseball or softball you’ll need to bring documents for proof of school enrollment that are dated no later than October 1, 2015. This date applies to attendance records, report cards, or any other official documents you plan to bring to prove that your child attends the school in the league you’re registering them for.

Requirements for little league registration also include a few registration forms. The registration process and even payments can be completed either online or in person. You’ll need to check with each league’s website however, to learn whether or not they provide that secure feature to accept payments through their website. Once you’ve completed the registration forms for your children, you may be interested to learn about the Little League Volunteer application. Anyone can apply to volunteer with the Little League Baseball and Softball organization. If you’ve volunteered in years past, you’ll simply need to fill out a returning volunteer application, which can be found on Little League’s website.

With the coming of spring comes Little League baseball registration. It’s a great reminder that summer is just around the corner. Just follow the guidelines and make sure you have all the required forms regarding proof of residency, your children’s age, and the registration process should go smoothly.

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