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Last Minute Summer Getaways to Plan Before the Fall

Planning a summer vacation takes a lot of time and research. By planning ahead, you can save yourself some unnecessary expenses and plenty of stress. However, for us procrastinators out there, planning a last minute summer getaway isn’t impossible. 

One of the best ways to book an end-of-summer getaway is by looking into smaller, non-touristy destinations within the U.S. This practice can certainly reduce travel costs and provide  a cozier feel to your trip as non-touristy areas tend to be less crowded. Find great deals on travel websites or, if traveling is just not in your budget, sit back and enjoy a local experience or staycation including a virtual tour or course!

farm visits
Harvest your own food, pick berries, ride a horse or milk a cow!
  • Visit a farmU.S. Farm Stays is a website that connects you to hundreds of farms across the U.S. that offer agritourism vacation options. You can help with farm chores, harvest food, ride a horse or even milk a cow! Just enter the city and state you’d like to visit in the search box and choose a farm. It’s that easy.
  • Spend time in the city. The city has something to offer for everyone in your family to enjoy. You can find everything from museums to sports events to concerts and great restaurants. Visiting a town like Mobile, Alabama (once known as the “Paris of the South”) offers plenty of fun that won’t break the bank. The city is close to many unique activities such as airboat rides, the USS Alabama Battleship, or Alligator Alley.
  • Head to ski country. During the winter months, lodging can be costly. During the off season however, there are plenty of activities you can do for free Including mountain biking, picnics, free concerts, hikes, or even low cost activities such as zip lining or horseback riding. In Snowmass, a small village right outside of Aspen, CO, families enjoy weekly Thursday night concerts and Valhalla nights at the top of the gondola with free music and fun.
  • Check out lesser visited national parks.There are 397 national parks across the U.S. to choose from. Hike amid the giant trees at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park in California, peer into the ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado or explore the tide pools at Olympic National Park in Washington state. See bison and elk at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the North Dakota badlands. 
  • Groupon of TravelZoo offer great deals on packages for almost anything you can think of. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive vacation or weekend getaway, they are sure to have deals that won’t disappoint. 
  • Escape with EdX. If you can’t getaway due to physical or financial reasons, you can have a virtual experience with online courses from EdX, a free online learning experience founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012. Become a wine connoisseur with this free World of Wine course. What better way to pair good wine than with great food? In Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science, learn from world famous chefs and Harvard professors as they explain the science behind cooking techniques. As much as we would like to enjoy our tasty wine and delicious food in a foreign country, sometimes it’s just not within our budget. You can travel the globe without ever leaving home by taking the Architectural Imagination course, which focuses on fundamental principles of architecture. 

Summer is quickly coming to an end. You’ve already waited this long so don’t wait any longer. Plan your end-of-summer getaway today. Don’t forget any necessary documents that you may need when traveling. Need a copy of your birth certificateVitalChek can help you get the proper documentation quickly and securely.

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