Key Moments in Your Life When You Need Your Vital Records

In May 12, 2016

Understanding that there is a difference between important records and vital records can make transitioning through important life events significantly easier. There are key moments in your life when you will need your vital records, but you may not always need important records. Vital records are documents issued by the government that provide proof of a major life event. Important records are documents that can help act as a proof of identity, can help prove ownership of something, or are needed for personal record keeping. To better understand when you need your vital records we have put together this list of important life moments that require a vital record.

  • Birth – if we start from the very beginning, your birth certificate is your first and possibly most important vital record.
  • Registering for school – this often requires an original copy of a birth certificate as legal proof of age.
  • Getting your first real driver’s license – the big day has finally come and you have your own set of wheels. Before you hit the road, you will be required to show your birth certificate to get your license.
  • Traveling internationally – if you have always dreamed of traveling the world, you better have your birth certificate ready when you apply for your passport. A birth certificate is required when applying for your passport.
  • Marriage – you will need your birth certificate or passport in order to show proof of citizenship when you apply for a marriage license.
  • Legally changing your name – you will be required to show your certified marriage certificate if you decide  to legally change your name, a taking your spouse’s name. On the opposite side should you get a divorce, you will need a certified divorce certificate to legally change your name back once your divorce is finalized.
  • Filing for divorce – you will be required to show proof of your marriage meaning you will need your certified marriage certificate to start the process.
  • Notifying government or financial agencies of a passing – if a loved one has passed away you will be required to show a death certificate to close bank accounts, settle debts, and even file taxes.

These are just  a few of the key moments in life that will require your vital records. Being prepared with your vital records organized and safely kept away will help you should any unplanned life moments pop up. Vital records can also be used as proof of identity for youth sports, health insurance, and more. If you need to order government certified copies of your vital records, visit to submit and order online today.

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