International spring break destinations

The Top International Spring Break Destinations for 2017

The sun is peeking out through stormy weather, you or your kids have been hitting the books hard this spring, so now’s the time to start considering where to go for spring break in 2017. Some families or students prefer to stay local, or head home for their spring break vacation, but some international spring break destinations are perfect for both families with younger kids and college students alike.

International Spring Break Destinations for Families

For many families, the thought of an international spring break destination can be a headache, but a little bit of advance planning can make it an enjoyable getaway for all. From international theme parks, museums, historic locations, and even just relaxing sightseeing vacations or cruises, there are a plethora of options. Taking the family overseas or even on a family cruise line might be a great vacation idea. Some of our favorites include Playa Del Carmen, Costa Rica, Sydney, Australia, and Barcelona, Spain.

International Spring Break Destinations for Students

If you’re an ambitious college student looking to blow off steam over the spring break, some international spring break destinations may be the perfect way to relax while getting your feet wet in international travel. There are several travel package agencies that can assist you in creating the perfect springtime fun, but most international spring break trips include destinations like Thailand, Australia, Peru, Costa Rica and Northern Europe. Of course Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean are always very popular destinations to live up your vacation in the sun, however some students opt for vacations where they can experience a more local culture and benefit from sight-seeing and museums. Travelers and students can often find travel agencies that specialize in international spring break destinations to assist them in planning an exciting spring break vacation.


Regardless of where you plan to go for your spring break, the opportunities are endless. From road tripping to all inclusive spring break packages, there’s bound to be a destination that will appeal to your family or the eager college student. If you’re planning an international spring break vacation, be sure to read up on travel safety. Keeping your travel documents safe goes a long way in protecting your identity. Ensure you’re well informed about the area you plan on traveling to. Safety warnings and international travel advisories should be considered. If you don’t already have your passport, you’ll need to obtain one for international travel.

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