Places to go for Graduation Trip

Top 5 Graduation Gift Trip Destinations

It won’t be long now, your graduates are eager and gearing up for their summer of freedom. It makes no difference if they’re heading off from high school to college, or they’re wrapping up their college education and ready to start looking for a career; summer brings the close of several years’ hard work, dedication and serious devotion! Some folks celebrate the close of this latest chapter with a new car, new technology, gift cards or even accessories and items to deck out a new apartment or dorm. If you’re interested in appealing to the traveling grad, a post-graduation trip might be the perfect way to finish off a school career and giving them the opportunity to see a bit of the world.

Best Graduation Trips – The Top 5 Post Grad Destinations

  1. Backpack through Brazil – Backpacking through gorgeous scenery, taking in the local culture and experiencing a new level of awe inspiring beauty right after graduation might be just the ticket to pull your recent grad out of that “finals” slump. It can be a rather affordable trip, and the grad will still get the experience of being out on their own with an opportunity to clear the mind and experience everyday life.
  2. Iceland – Hostels, geothermal pools, interesting and vivid cultural cuisine; getting them to Iceland will be the most expensive part of the gift, but once they arrive they can dive in at a fairly inexpensive rate. Your grad can check out the Northern Lights, get on an Icelandic horse for a tour and when all’s said and done can tuck into a cozy room with fellow travelers. This destination might be more on the mellow side, but it’ll still make for one of the best graduation trips ever.
  3. Take in the Irish countryside – While this destination tends to be a bit pricier to get to, there aren’t many people whose bucket list doesn’t include a trip to the rolling green hills of Ireland. Backpacking or other less expensive travel is the way to go once they get there, and Dublin is a great tourist spot if your grad is looking to experience Ireland in all its cultural wonder. In planning this graduation trip gift, stray a bit outside of the city;  they’ll be consumed by beauty, amazing historical sites and great people.
  4. Portugal – Similar culturally to Spain, Portugal is a less expensive destination with just as much flavor and life. Fairly inexpensive to get to, the cost to stay there while traveling is pretty good, too. If your grad is a college one, Portugal may be the place. It offers inexpensive wine, a great nightlife and fantastic beaches.
  5. New Orleans –  If international travel doesn’t quite fit into your budget, U.S. destinations are still great places for graduation trips. Considered one of the less expensive travel destinations in the U.S., NOLA has great food, great people and loads of history to check out. It’s great for high school aged and college post-grads alike.


Regardless of destination, your grad will be thrilled to know they’re off to check out inspiring new destinations before putting their nose back to the grindstone. A graduation trip can be liberating and a great way to let off some steam after having their noses buried in books all school year long. If it’s an international trip you’re planning for your soon-to-be graduate, ensure you have their passport needs squared away in time for travel. If family members are interested in adding to your post graduation gift surprise, you can point them in the direction of fun and useful travel accessories and items useful to their new adventure, you can even gift them with TSA precheck!


No matter where you send your grad on their graduation trip, rest assured they’re going to have a blast. They’ll get to experience the world a bit before stepping into their new role in life, no matter what that role may be.

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