do US citizens need a visa for Europe?

Do I Need a Visa to go to Europe?

If you’re planning a trip to Europe in the near future and you’ve never been before, you probably have all kinds of questions pertaining to your travels.  If you’re among the millions of Americans that have never traveled outside the U.S., your list of questions is probably even longer! How do I obtain a passport? How long will it take to travel that far? What are my transportation options to get around once I arrive? Do I need a visa to go to Europe?


Traveling to Europe (and any other international destination) requires travelers to undergo a number of steps to obtain proper ID for travel, as well as any applicable travel documents that might be necessary to gain entry to a number of destinations. European countries are popular destinations, both for business and pleasure. Due to a visa reciprocity arrangement between Europe and the U.S., American citizens have, in the past, been able to travel freely from the U.S. to any European Union Country without obtaining a travel visa.  Recently, a vote by the European Union Parliament  asked the EU Commission to press for full United States – EU visa reciprocity.  What was the reason for the vote by EU Parliament? The U.S. does not offer visa-free travel to the United States from 5 of the European Union’s countries; Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland and Romania. Visa reciprocity with the European Union means that any country requiring travel visas from EU citizens will be required to obtain a visa to travel to EU countries.

Do I need a Visa to go to europe

The United States does not offer visa-free travel from Poland, which may mean that Americans traveling to places like Warsaw may need a travel visa in the future.


Do I need a Visa to go to Europe?

Currently, there are no visa requirements in place to travel to European Union Countries if you’re an American citizen. The verdict is still forthcoming, though, so it’s good to check back in and keep up-to-date on information regarding European travel. This issue was first brought to the U.S.’s attention in early 2014, when the European Parliament warned U.S. officials that they may soon require U.S. citizens to obtain travel visas to enter their countries for any length of time. The answer to whether U.S. citizens need a visa to for travel to Europe is still only tentatively answered. Legislators have called for immediate action, and some have asked for changes in these regulations as early as May of 2017.


While it is unlikely that these changes will be immediate, it’s still a good idea for travelers to stay informed regarding travel to and from European countries. You may not need a visa to go to Europe at the moment, it seems likely that this regulation may change at any time. For the time being, carry on like you would have previously. Make sure you’re ready to go with your passport, and if you need some international travel packing tips, we’ve got you covered! For current and up-to-date information on whether you’ll need a visa to travel to Europe, is a great resource for travelers on the move.

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