Best Gift Ideas for Travelers

In December 12, 2016

Do you have an avid traveler in the family? Maybe a great friend who’s constantly flying from place to place? Perhaps you’ve got a Secret Santa gift exchange going at the office and you just need some ideas about gifts for business travelers. Finding unique travel gifts can be difficult, especially when you’re shopping for someone who seems to have it all. Look no further! We’ve got some great travel gift ideas for the frequent flyer on your list.

Best Gifts for Travelers in 2016:

Travel Gifts for Her –

  • Shoe rescue kit – You can find them from various retailers, but for a girl on the go, an S.O.S rescue kit might be just the thing she needs to keep those shoes looking good in the airport lounge.
  • The jewelry roll – Another great buy and easy to find, a jewelry roll is a convenient piece of mini-luggage that safely houses your glitters and jewels. It packs  up nicely, ensuring chains don’t tangle and earrings aren’t left to snag or catch.
  • A nice cosmetic bag – Having a neat, compact place to store cosmetics and other toiletries is essential. Something with enough compartments for all the necessary facial products and makeup. A girl can never have too many cosmetic bags.
  • Belt bag or hip hugger – We’ve done away with the fanny-pack. Now we’ve got the more stylish and trendy belt bag and hip hugger to keep your important items close when you travel. While it’s a travel-related gift, you can wear it any time to store your cell phones, wallets, and other need-to-haves while you’re out and about.
  • A travel journal – Having a nice place to jot down an adventure is a great gift for women who love to travel. Find one with fantastic art on the cover, or one that’s cleverly bound.

Travel Gifts for Men –

  • A classy toiletry bag – Guys aren’t exempt from carrying cosmetics and other toiletry products  such as  beard brushes, shaving kits, razors and lotions when they travel. Finding a nice leather dopp kit can be a great gift for travelers.
  • A fancy shaving kit – A nice brush, some quality shaving cream, oil and balm give any guy with a beard a chance to feel pampered.
  • Tie case – If you’re gifting a traveler who wears a lot of ties, a tie case that keeps ties wrinkle free the whole trip may be the perfect present. .
  • Multi-tools – They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they fall under the perfect gift and travel accessories category. Bottle openers, knives, screwdrivers, files…you name it. You can find one with minimal tools or one with everything you can imagine. Just remind your traveler to  stow this item in his check-in luggage rather than carry-on bag.

Gifts for Couples Who Like to Travel –

  • Digital luggage scale – The list of great gifts for travelers should always include a digital luggage scale. There’s nothing quite like getting to the check-in counter only to discover that a suitcase is too heavy… You can order one of these convenient scales online for a reasonable price.
  • The Carry-On Cocktail Kit – If you and your significant other enjoy cocktails mid-flight, you might consider packing your very own cocktail kit, complete with all the ingredients you’ll need to spruce up your mini-bottle on your way to your travel destination.
  • External battery for devices – You can pick up a decent external battery to help keep devices charged no matter where you travel and avoid the hassle of hunting down an outlet in the airport.

We know there are a variety of choices in gifts for people who love to travel. If you’re still having issues finding some great gifts for travelers, perhaps a really nice passport case is the ticket. If your gifts are for someone you’re planning on traveling with this holiday season, check out our tips on holiday flying and travel! No matter the occasion, we hope you’ve acquired ideas for some great gifts for travelers this season.

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