inexpensive weekend getaway ideas

Inexpensive Weekend Getaway Ideas

Does a weekend getaway sound like something you and your significant other are in need of ASAP? A limited travel budget shouldn’t ever hold you back from a short getaway. Since there are many inexpensive weekend getaway ideas out there that won’t feel anything like a budget trip you can afford to treat yourselves to something nice!  Here are some couples retreat ideas that range from places to go or things to do no matter where you go.


Let’s talk about weekend getaway ideas in terms of locations, and more specifically, affordable cities and towns. Here are a handful of vacation spots in the U.S. that are known for being budget-friendly..


  • Atlanta, GA
  • Grand Canyon, AZ
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV(Yes, really)
  • Memphis, TN
  • Williamsburg, VA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Savannah, GA
  • Portland, ME
  • Kennebunkport, ME


These locations all have something to offer couples looking for romantic vacations ideas that won’t get too expensive. The first step to take is to research your chosen locations peak season and off season to find out prices, activities, and lodging options. Next you should think about transportation if it will be required for your trip. Whether it is flights, transportation options to and from the airport, or car rental prices for the duration of your trip, these should all be worked into your trips cost. Here are some helpful money saving tips for transportation and lodging options.


  • If you have AAA, you may get certain discounts for transportation and lodging. Give AAA a call to see what they can do for your getaway.
  • Do you have a credit card with airline points or car rental points? If so, use them for this trip.
  • Look for a vacation that includes your airfare and transportation fees in the total cost. Groupon often has these types of vacation deals.
  • Look into vacation rentals like Airbnb and HomeAway to find inexpensive weekend getaway rentals that cost a fraction of luxury hotel or boutique bed and breakfast stays.


The next part of your romantic vacation planning is looking for activities you both love. Hiking,  visiting state parks, and sightseeing activities are often free. Discounts may be available when purchasing all-access passes or by searching for activities through discount websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Gilt City. Here are some romantic date ideas to try during your weekend getaway.


  • A self-guided historic walking tour
  • A food tour
  • Bike or kayak rentals
  • Discounted or free days at aquariums, museums, and other attractions
  • Winery, distillery, or brewery tours with samples



The most important part of planning an inexpensive weekend getaway is t to work out  your itinerary in advance so you can avoid any last minute, unexpected expenses. This may sound like a given but, how many times have you thought “Oh, we’ll just figure it out once we get there”? Plan out your trip and follow your budgetand you can avoid any money related anxiety that would otherwise pop up. You’ll get to spend more time enjoying every aspect of the trip and less time worrying! And of course, for any vital records you may need to make your trip, you can visit VitalChek for help!

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