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Ideas for a Barn Wedding | Getting Ready for the Big Day

Barn weddings are that perfect mix of laid-back, rustic and beautiful that so many brides love. They are great way to celebrate an outdoor wedding because you can really feel the nature and rustic vibe all around you. Picture this: it’s early October, the air is cool and crisp. You approach a big, beautiful barn traced in twinkly lights with dangling white curtains draping over the seats where your guests will watch you marry the love of your life. However, there’s so much more to planning a barn wedding besides choosing the perfect floral accents and farm-to-table fare. Let us help you make your big day, a great one. Read on to learn how to plan a barn wedding. 

First and foremost, understand that planning a barn wedding is a lot more work than you may think. A lot of things that would be included in your average wedding venue may not be included in a barn wedding venue. If you don’t look at places that are all-inclusive barn + catering wedding venues, you have to take into consideration renting everything from the decor to the seating, catering, and even bathrooms! Not to mention having to deal with the mud, pesky bugs, and allergies. Hopefully, these ideas for a barn wedding will set you in the right directions for the perfect day.

Make sure to budget for wedding rentals!
  • Budget for barn extras – This goes for any venue that isn’t full service—but especially barn wedding venues. Like we previously mentioned, you’ll most likely be responsible for the tables, chairs, dishes and other extras. You’ll also want to take into consideration additional cost of lighting, generators, catering tents, a backup tent for the ceremony, vendor tents, a commercial cleaning of the barn and access to water and perimeter lighting. You’ll also have to make sure the barn is licensed and insured to be open to the public. Plus, your caterer and entertainment will need to have access to all the electrical outlets they require in the barn. If you’ve booked a barn that typically hosts weddings, the managers there may have a list of what you’ll need. If not, your best bet is to work with a wedding planner who specializes in barn weddings.
  • Keep in mind the ground – Fields and pastures are picturesque, but making sure they’re car and wheel friendly is a must for elderly guests and others being transported to your barn wedding venue by large vehicles. Be considerate of any guests whomay need a wheelchair to get around. You might have a hard time getting that through the fields. If it rains and the fields are prone to getting muddy, that might make things even more difficult. Overlook these details and you may have a muddy or rocky problem on your hands.
Set up candles around the perimeter of the barn to keep away pesky bugs.
  • Have a plan for uninvited “guests” – Fireflies and chirping crickets can add the perfect touch to your barn wedding, however bug bites can definitely spoil the fun. Stock up on citronella candles and have them placed around the perimeter of the barn. Put together small baskets filled with bug spray in the bathrooms or near the entrance to the barn for guests to utilize.
  • Be prepared for unexpected weather – You’ll want to make sure your guests are comfortable should any unexpected weather occur. Set up baskets of fans for those hot summer days or umbrellas for possible showers. It helps if you provide a dress code on your wedding website to give your guests a better idea for proper attire. 
Allergy-proof the area to keep anyone from having an allergy attack during your big day.
  • Allergy-proof the barn area – Details, details, details! There’s probably nothing more wedding-Instagram-worthy than a barn wedding with a few animals in the background and hay bales for seats. But nobody wants a photo op to turn into an allergy attack. If there are animals near or around the barn, keep them in their own area so guests can go near them if they want (or not). Offering allergy medication in the bathroom baskets doesn’t hurt either! And if you’re going with cute hay bale seats for barn wedding, throw a few blankets over them. It’ll make seating more comfortable and help with your guests’ allergies. 

We hope we have provided you with the inspiration you need to plan your perfect barn wedding. If you need help with marriage certificates, reach out to us at VitalChek and we’ll be able to get you any vital records you may need quickly and securely. 

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