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How You Can Book Luxury Travel on a Small Budget

Who doesn’t love a little luxury now and then? Luxury doesn’t always mean expensive and luxury travel on a small budget is possible when you look in the right places. Sure, you can choose a luxurious, $11,000 destination such as Bora Bora (if you have that kind of pocket change) but for most of us, it’s more about creating a luxurious experience within your destination. So how do you do that? Read on to learn more about how you can book a luxury trip for less.

  • Find a cheap 5-star destination. Think about the country you are planning to visit. You want a country where you get the most for your money. Destinations such as Southeast Asia or Central America have a lower exchange rate and offer the best bang for your buck.
  • Avoid touristy destination. The more touristy it gets, the more expensive it is. If you stay out of the center of things and off the beaten track, you are more likely to get more for less.
  • Use Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” button. To give you an idea of relatively cheap flight destinations, type in your home airport and “everywhere” as your destination into Skyscanner’s search field. You’ll get all sorts of destinations presented to you in order of least to most expensive.
  • Travel in the off season. Traveling in the off season will get you better deals and less crowds. Just be careful you don’t get caught in the middle of the rainy season at the beach.
  • Book last minute deals. Book early or at the last minute. You’re more likely to find better deals.
  • Stay at a boutique hotel. Smaller hotels with fewer amenities than the chain hotels with restaurants, bars, and pools may offer more luxury for less money. Read reviews to really get a sense of what you’re booking.
  • Check out Home Exchange. This can save you big time on accommodations and let you live like a local. With the Home Exchange website, you give up your home and you take over someone else’s. Home Exchange has 65,000+ worldwide listings.
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Ever considered combining glamour with camping?
  • Glamping. You read that right. Glamping (aka, glamorous camping), can be quite the luxurious adventure. Go to to find glamorous camping opportunities around the world.
  • Get yourself a pass. Save up to 50% on admission to most attractions in top cities around the world. Check out the City PassLondon PassParis PassBerlin PassDublin Pass, or the Rome and Vatican Pass
  • Fly private. A ticket through JetSuiteX gives you access to a private terminal, where you can go from parking to takeoff in 15 minutes. No more being stressed out about getting to the airport early, waiting in long lines, or squeezing into a coach seat. The catch: Flights are only available between major West Coast cities.

If you stick with these tips for cheap luxury travel, you’re sure to get the luxurious vacation you’ve been wanting, without breaking the bank! When you do decide to take that luxury vacation, make sure you have everything you need on hand including an updated passport. VitalChek can provide you with copies of certified documents quickly and securely. 

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